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Best Princess Buttercup Costume Guide

Princess Buttercup is one of the main characters in the 1987 adventure comedy film, The Princess Bride. Buttercup is a young woman from the fictional kingdom of Florin. She fell in love with Westley, a farmhand hired for her bidding. Westley later on goes out to sea to seek his fortunes so he can marry Buttercup. His ship was attacked by the infamous Dread Pirate Roberts. As Westley was believed to be dead, Buttercup found herself forced into marriage to the heir of Florin’s throne, Prince Humperdinck. She was kidnapped by three outlaws before her wedding and was eventually rescued by Westley, who was not dead after all! Buttercup nearly married the prince before Westley managed to rescue her again.

Look ever inch like the lovely princess bride with this Princess Buttercup costume guide. To look like the lovely princess, you’ll need to wear a Red Peasant Dress, White Shoes, and Green Gloves. Complete Buttercup’s royal look with a Gold Crown and Toy Dagger.

Princess Buttercup Cosplay Costumes

Transform into a beloved princess bride dressed up as the unforgettable Princess Buttercup. It’s the perfect cosplay if you want to dress like royalty but still slip into something a bit more practical. The modest red peasant dress has full sleeves and a full skirt, loosely fitted to allow you to move around quite easily. A complementary gold belt will accentuate your waist beautifully, giving the dress a fantastic fit around your body. White slippers lets you walk around comfortably under the full dress. Stunning accessories like green gloves, a gold dagger, and of course, the pretty bejeweled crown will complete your ensemble!

Now all you need are two friends who are game to dress up as Dread Pirate Roberts and Inigo Montoya and you have an awesome The Princess Bride group cosplay ready to stroll into the party!

Princess Buttercup Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a romantic and adventurous journey with our costume guide FAQ for Princess Buttercup from the classic film “The Princess Bride.” Known for her timeless beauty and enduring love story, Buttercup’s attire reflects her elegance and the fairy-tale essence of the story. This guide will help you recreate her iconic look, perfect for fans who cherish her character and the enchanting world she inhabits.

Princess Buttercup's most iconic outfit is her red riding dress. It's a long, flowing gown with puffed sleeves and a fitted bodice. The dress is made from a rich, red fabric and is both elegant and suitable for horseback riding. She often wears her hair in a simple, yet graceful style, enhancing her natural beauty.

To replicate Buttercup's red riding dress, look for a long red gown with full sleeves and a fitted bodice. The fabric should have a bit of volume to give the gown its flowing appearance. You may need to tailor or adjust an existing dress to achieve the right look, focusing on the puffed sleeves and the elegant drape of the skirt.

Princess Buttercup has long, wavy blonde hair, often styled half-up, half-down or in a low ponytail. For makeup, aim for a natural and understated look, highlighting your features gently to capture her classic beauty.

While Buttercup's look is quite minimalist, you can add a simple gold or silver necklace and a matching belt to accentuate the waistline of the dress. If you're replicating a specific scene, consider props like a horseback riding cloak or a basket for her daily walk in the countryside.

Princess Buttercup has several memorable lines that reflect her love and strength. Some notable quotes are: "As you wish." - This phrase symbolizes her love for Westley, as she realizes that whenever he said "As you wish," he meant "I love you., " and "You can't hurt me. Westley and I are joined by the bonds of love." These quotes capture the essence of her character's romantic journey and her unwavering love for Westley.

About Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup loves to ride her horse and it was during her ride that she was kidnapped the three outlaws: Vizzini, Fezzik, and Inigo Montoya. She was later rescued by a man in a black mask, who later turned out to be Westley. He assumed the title of the Dread Pirate Roberts. They were later caught by Prince Humperdinck, who wanted Westley dead. Buttercup bargained for his life, with herself to become his wife in exchange. Eventually, Westley and Buttercup managed to escape the prince’s grasp, rode into the sunset alongside their new friends Fezzik and Inigo. They lived happily ever after!

Princess Buttercup was played by Robin Wright, who was not the first choice for the role. She was cast just a week before filming after several English actresses auditioned for the role. It was Robin’s agent who pushed the shy actress to go for the role.

Princess Buttercup

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