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Best Princess Bubblegum Costume Guide

Dress up like Princess Bonnibel “Bonnie” Bubblegum, a main character on the Cartoon Network TV series Adventure Time, voiced by Hynden Walch. You can have the cosplay look of the ruler over the Candy Kingdom. To get the costume you’ll need a Princess Bubblegum Dress, Pink Cosplay Wig, Princess Bubblegum Tiara, and a pair of Flat-Heel Casual Shoes. As Princess Bubblegum, you’ll also need your royal steed, Lady Rainicorn Plush Doll.

Princess Bubblegum Cosplay Costumes

The animated show “Adventure Time” originally aired as a short produced for Nicktoons, but when the video went viral, the short became a full-length show on Cartoon Network. Among the show’s unique characters, one that stands out is Princess Bubblegum. Her fun appearance makes her a great choice for cosplayers. Start with an ankle-length pink dress with pink ballet flats, and then complete the costume with a long pink wig. You can also add a Princess Bubblegum tiara for extra fun! Don’t forget to include your friends who could dress up as Finn, Jake, or even Marceline.

Princess Bubblegum Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the sweet and scientific realm of Princess Bubblegum from “Adventure Time” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Embrace the blend of royal elegance and scientific intellect as we guide you in creating an authentic and enchanting Princess Bubblegum ensemble.

To capture Princess Bubblegum's iconic look, you'll need a long pink dress that reflects her regal status, complemented by her signature bubblegum pink hair, usually styled in a high ponytail. Additional elements include a golden tiara with a blue gem and her round, purple earrings. For her shoes, opt for simple pink flats or pumps.

Princess Bubblegum's hair is a unique shade of bubblegum pink, which can be achieved with a wig if your hair isn't already that color. Her skin is a light pink hue, which can be replicated using face and body paint. Remember to maintain a natural and soft look to align with her character's gentle nature.

Choose a fabric that is elegant yet comfortable, such as satin or lightweight velvet in a pink shade that matches her hair color. The dress should have a simple, flowing cut to reflect her royal and graceful demeanor.

Pay attention to the details like her golden tiara, which is a distinctive aspect of her character. The tiara should have a prominent blue gem in the center. Also, her round purple earrings are a small but important detail to include for authenticity.

Princess Bubblegum is known for her intelligence and caring nature. Here are some memorable quotes: "Responsibility demands sacrifice.," "That's it! The answer was so simple, I was too smart to see it!," "I'm not your problem, Marceline. You are your own problem.," "People get built different. We don't need to figure it out, we just need to respect it." and "This isn't about some petty love triangle, Flame Princess is physically unstable!." These quotes capture Princess Bubblegum's blend of wisdom, scientific curiosity, and compassionate leadership, adding depth to your portrayal.

About Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is generally kind and gentle. However, her temper is a force to be reckoned with when she’s provoked. She was the former love interest of Finn, the show’s protagonist, and there are also rumors she was involved with Marceline at one time. Check out our website for pictures to inspire your Princess Bubblegum costume, and don’t forget to upload your own photos to our gallery!

Princess Bubblegum

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