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Best Princess Aurora Costume Guide

Loosely based on an original Disney film, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil takes Princess Aurora and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and brings them together to unite the world of humans and fairies. The daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah, Princess Aurora was originally stolen from her family when the evil fairy, Maleficent, cursed her to die. However, since the new film takes a more modern approach, Aurora is now the leader of the Moors, the fantasy kingdom where Maleficent resides as the enforcer and protector.

Get the look of the independent, yet hopelessly romantic Disney princess with this Princess Aurora from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil costume guide. Cosplay Auroras’s royal look by wearing a gold Princess Aurora Dress, Gold Heels, and Roman Wreath. Finish the look with a gorgeous Blonde Wig, and Gold Ring and be prepared to be treated like royalty all night long.

Princess Aurora Cosplay Costumes

As the benevolent leader of the Moors, Aurora and Maleficent work together to keep their world of fairies and magical creatures free from harm. But when Aurora accepts a proposal from her true love, Prince Phillip, Aurora believes it’s the perfect opportunity to unite the kingdoms of fairies with the kingdom of humans. Little does she know what her future in-laws King John and Queen Ingrith are planning. Cosplay Aurora’s look from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil with an elegant long blonde wig adorned with a roman wreath. Aurora wears a gorgeous golden gown with matching gold heels. Finally, add a shiny gold ring to complete the royal look.

Don’t journey to the Kingdom alone! Make a grand entrance with your closest friends as you cosplay with your true love Prince Phillip and the evil Maleficent. With costumes this fun, you can party all night long at any [Halloween] costume party or cosplay event!

Princess Aurora Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the enchanting and mystical realm of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” with our Princess Aurora costume guide FAQ. Beloved for her grace and kindness, Aurora’s attire in this sequel is a mesmerizing blend of fairy-tale elegance and forest-inspired elements. This guide aims to help you recreate her ethereal look, answering your questions on how to embody the beauty and charm of Princess Aurora.

Princess Aurora's gown in the film is known for its flowing, ethereal quality, often in soft, pastel shades. Key features include layers of lightweight fabric like chiffon or tulle, delicate floral embroidery, and a fitted bodice with a flowing skirt. The dress should evoke a sense of natural beauty and fairy-tale romance.

Princess Aurora sports long, flowing hair, often styled in loose waves or soft curls. In some scenes, her hair is adorned with floral accessories or delicate braids that complement her gown. For an authentic look, consider using hair extensions if your hair isn't long, and style it with natural-looking waves.

Princess Aurora's footwear is typically not very prominent due to her long gown. However, for comfort and authenticity, opt for simple, elegant flat shoes or sandals in a color that matches the dress. The shoes should be understated, as the focus is primarily on the gown.

Princess Aurora's makeup is natural and understated, emphasizing her youthful and pure appearance. Use a light foundation, a soft blush for a rosy glow, natural-toned eyeshadows, and a light pink or nude lipstick. The overall makeup look should be graceful and subtle, highlighting your natural beauty.

Including quotes from Princess Aurora can add depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines from the film include: "I remember the story of an evil witch, and the princess she cursed to sleep forever.," "This is no fairy tale. True love does not always win.," "We do not need to become our enemies to defeat them.," "I believe in you and your kind. More than you know." and "I will do everything in my power to protect my home and my people." These quotes reflect Aurora's courage, compassion, and the complex emotions she navigates in the film.

About Princess Aurora

The third Disney Princess to be created, Princess Aurora originally appeared in the 1959 Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. While Maleficent is originally an evil fairy that curses Aurora to die as an infant, we see Maleficent in a better light throughout the Maleficent franchise. While Aurora still becomes a sleeping beauty, her true love is unable to wake her with his kiss, but when Maleficent kisses Aurora on the forehead, she miraculously awakes. No longer the evil fairy that cursed her, Maleficent becomes the benevolent motherly figure that breaks the spell she originally put her under.

Now in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, the two are back and ready to protect the Moors and magical creatures from the dangers that reside outside their walls. However, Aurora can’t prepare herself for the dangers lurking from the very people she puts her trust in.

Princess Aurora

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