How to Dress Like Princess Anna

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Princess Anna Costume Guide
Long Sleeve Button-down Sky Blue Shirt
Brown Weaving Braid Wig
Women's Tailored Vest
Princess Anna Fuchsia Cloak
High Waisted Royal Blue Maxi Skirt
Women's Black Valley Boot

Best Princess Anna Costume Guide

Become Princess Anna of Arendelle, voiced by Kristen Bell, from Disney’s hit animated film Frozen. Unlike her older sister Queen Elsa, Anna is very eccentric and optimistic. During Frozen, Anna embarks on a quest to save the kingdom of Arendelle. Dress up like Anna with a High Waisted Royal Blue Maxi Skirt, Long Sleeve Button-Down Sky Blue Shirt, and Women’s Tailored Vest. Complete the Princess’ look with a Brown Weaving Braid Wig, Princess Anna Fuchsia Cloak, and a pair of Women’s Black Valley Boots.

Princess Anna Cosplay Costumes

Anna is the younger sister of Elsa and she happens to be the complete opposite of her sister. While Elsa is calm and poised, Anna happens to be quite eccentric and outgoing. She’s a hopeful and bright character who seems to keep going no matter what and the love she has for her sister is strong. Anna is a great costume to dress up as if you want to do a cute Anna and Elsa duo and if you do, we’d love to see photos of what you come up with!

To get Princess Anna’s look, you’ll need to first have a brown braided wig if necessary of course. From there you’ll need to grab sky blue button-down shirt, a tailored vest, a Princess Anna fuchsia cloak, royal blue maxi skirt and finally a pair of black boots to complete the look.

About Princess Anna

Anna is the younger sister of Elsa and daughter to King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. After Elsa becomes too fearful of her powers and ends up creating an eternal winter, Anna goes on a quest to help save her kingdom and repair the bond the two sisters once had.

Anna is quite the spontaneous character and she tends to act before she thinks which can get her into trouble here and there. Anna has always been close with her sister, at least at childhood and she’s very determined to get back the bond they once use to share before Elsa withdrew into herself. Even though the journey to save her kingdom and her sister is dangerous, Anna heads out with a courageous attitude and won’t let anything get in the way of her quest. Her hopeful and strong nature helps bring the kingdom back to what it once was and repairs the bond of the two sisters.

Princess Anna

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