How to Dress Like Princess Anna

Long Sleeve Button-down Sky Blue Shirt
Brown Weaving Braid Wig
Women's Tailored Vest
Princess Anna Fuchsia Cloak
High Waisted Royal Blue Maxi Skirt
Women's Black Valley Boot
  1. Long Sleeve Button-Down Sky Blue Shirt Check Price
  2. Brown Weaving Braid Wig Check Price
  3. Women's Tailored Vest Check Price
  4. Princess Anna Fuchsia Cloak Check Price
  5. High Waisted Royal Blue Maxi Skirt Check Price
  6. Women's Black Valley Boot Check Price

Best Princess Anna Costume Guide

Become Princess Anna of Arendelle, voiced by Kristen Bell, from Disney’s hit animated film Frozen. Unlike her older sister Queen Elsa, Anna is very eccentric and optimistic. During Frozen, Anna embarks on a quest to save the kingdom of Arendelle. Dress up like Anna with a High Waisted Royal Blue Maxi Skirt, Long Sleeve Button-Down Sky Blue Shirt, and Women’s Tailored Vest. Complete the Princess’ look with a Brown Weaving Braid Wig, Princess Anna Fuchsia Cloak, and a pair of Women’s Black Valley Boots.

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