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Prince Gumball Costume Guide
Prince Gumball Cosplay Costume
Fun Flip Clown Wig - Hot Pink
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Grimas Lilac Face Paint

Best Prince Gumball Halloween Costume Guide

Get in costume as Prince Gumball, the gender-swapped version of Princess Bubblegum, who appears on the Adventure Time TV show on Cartoon Network. Prince Gumball has shown romantic feelings for Fionna in the show, but he is merely fanfiction written by the Ice King. Dress like royalty with a Grimas Lilac Face Paint, Prince Gumball Cosplay Costume, Fun Flip Clown Wig – Hot Pink, Prince Gumball Cosplay Accessory Kit, and Purple Faux Suede Oxford.

Prince Gumball Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking to cosplay this wonderfully pink fanfiction character thought up by the Ice King himself, there are a few things you’ll need first. To make this costume a bit easier to put together, you can probably find a Prince Gumball outfit online that comes complete with the shirt and pants. This set may not come with an accessory set so don’t forget to grab one to really make this look shine. Another thing needed for this cosplay is a nice pink wig, lilac oxfords and lilac face paint which you can probably find at your local costume shop. This character mostly also has a pink and purple palette so finding items to fit his look may not be too difficult. This is also a great costume to cosplay with a group of friends if you all go as Adventure Time Characters such as all the gender-swapped versions of the story or even the candy people. If you’re not too sure what to do, don’t forget to look at our featured photo to get a better idea of creating an awesome cosplay.

About Prince Gumball

Prince Gumball happens to be the genderswapped version of Princess Bubblegum and he’s a character in a fanfiction created by the Ice King himself. He is the ruler of Candy Kingdom and happens to be loved by almost all of the people in his kingdom. Prince Gumball was thought to have a crush on Fionna but it turned out to be the Ice King all along. The prince also has a loyal companion known as Lord Monochromicorn who is similar to the Princess’s companion. He’s always dressed in pink so it can be quite easy to spot him in his Kingdom if you happen to be on the search for him. His pink coloring also provides a reason why he’s rather unique to cosplay as. While there may not be much known about him, he’s an interesting character all the same. He has a genuine personality and seeing the swapped life of his makes the episodes he’s in quite interesting to watch.

Prince Gumball

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