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Purple Sleeveless Tank Top
Women's Black Suit
Auburn Wig
Whiteboard and Marker
Rectangle Glasses
Black Heels

Best President Laura Roslin Costume Guide

President Laura Roslin, played by Mary McDonnell, is a character from the widely popular TV series, Battlestar Galactica. Starting as the Secretary for Education, Laura Roslin became President of the United Colonies of Kobol after the Fall of The Twelve Colonies, an epic battle with the Cylons. Due to her diagnosis of terminal cancer, some believed her to be a key part of the Pythian prophecy, which spoke of a dying leader who would take the people to a promised land, but not live to see it herself. Get the look of the Battlestar Galactica political leader with this President Laura Roslin costume guide.

If you want to cosplay President Laura Roslin, you’ll need a Purple Sleeveless Tank Top, Women’s Black Suit, Auburn Wig, Whiteboard and Marker, Rectangle Glasses, and Black Heels.

President Laura Roslin Cosplay Costumes

Battlestar Galactica garnered a huge following from its 2004 re-boot. The popular sci-fi show is originally based on a TV series and movie from the 1970’s. Die-hard science fiction fans are well aware of the importance of Laura Roslin in the Battlestar Galactica universe and should love the opportunity to dress as this prophesied leader.

Along with President Laura Roslin, there is a wide range of characters you can incorporate into a group cosplay. Grab some friends to also dress up as William Adama, Lee Adama, or even some Cylon warriors. The series is widely popular among sci-fi fans, making this costume a hit at any comic-con event. If you and your friends are among the many fans of this hit series, put together a Battlestar Galactica cosplay party.

President Laura Roslin Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the universe of “Battlestar Galactica” with our President Laura Roslin costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to help you embody the strong and determined character of President Roslin, known for her leadership during the show’s interstellar crises. Her style reflects her authority and resilience, making for a powerful and compelling costume choice.

President Laura Roslin's style is characterized by its professionalism and understated elegance. Key elements of her outfit include tailored suits, often in solid, muted colors like blue, gray, or brown. She typically wears a blouse underneath her suit jacket, and her suits are well-fitted, reflecting her authoritative position. Additionally, her medium-length reddish-brown hair is styled simply, and she wears minimal, classic jewelry.

To replicate President Roslin's look, style your hair in a simple, elegant manner, keeping it down or in a half-updo if it is of similar length and color to her hair. For makeup, maintain a natural and professional appearance, with subtle tones and a focus on a polished, neat presentation.

Look for a tailored suit in a solid, subdued color. The suit should consist of a blazer and either a matching skirt or pants. Under the blazer, wear a blouse that complements the suit, opting for light colors like white or cream. The overall look should be sleek and professional.

To complete the President Roslin look, consider adding a pair of simple earrings and a necklace, nothing too flashy but rather something elegant and modest. Additionally, a pair of glasses and a copy of the "Battlestar Galactica" ship model or a colonial flag can be great props that reference the show.

Including quotes from President Roslin can bring depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "I'm going to do what I've always done: turn death into a fighting chance to live.," "Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.," "The fight to save humanity is about to begin.," "I am not afraid to die. I'm afraid of dying before I do something that matters." and "We make our own laws now, our own justice." These quotes capture President Roslin's determination, leadership, and the moral complexities she navigates, making them ideal for adding an extra layer of character to your costume.

About President Laura Roslin

Laura Roslin begins the series as the Secretary of Education under President Richard Adar. Following an unprecedented Cylon attack and the ensuing battle which became known as the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Laura Roslin was made President by virtue of being the highest ranking officer to survive the battle.

While not technically elected to the role, many believed her to be the leader who was spoken of in the Pythian prophecy – a dying leader who would lead them to a promised land but never live to see it. She was a popular leader but had a complicated relationship with the commander of the Galactica, William Adama.

President Roslin had been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer on the day of the Cylon attack, and throughout the series, she took to using an experimental drug which ultimately saw her arrested. Following her escape, however, she is able to return to the fleet and sees the remains of humanity arrive on a planet called Earth. She dies soon after.

President Laura Roslin

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