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Hizashi Yamada, also called Present Mic, is a character from the anime series, My Hero Academia. He became a Pro Hero and now teaches English at U.A. High School. His Quirk enables him to control the level of his voice and use it as a weapon. Present Mic can make a high pitched tone to annoy or distract enemies and injure others who come too close. His Quirk doesn’t work well underground, though. He is ineffective against enemies under the earth. Present Mic gets compared to a radio host with a loud and outgoing personality. He is easily excited and is always talking at a louder volume than anyone else. 

Get the look of the U.A. High School English teacher with this Present Mic costume guide. For the hip look of Hizashi Yamada’s hero outfit, you will need to dress up in a Present Mic Costume, Present Mic Wig, Black Boots, Fingerless Gloves, Cat Sunglasses, and Headphones.

Present Mic Cosplay Costumes

Present Mic is excellent at working a crowd. His over-the-top energy and loud voice typically lead to exciting people around him. He usually tries to excite a crowd to get them to be as loud as him, but it doesn’t always work out. His hero outfit represents his personality and reflects that he’s a hip teacher. He almost always wears his leather jacket and knee-high boots. His blond hair is always spiked too. Present Mic’s outfit has a speaker near his neck, which helps him propel his loud voice even further.

You’re sure to liven up the party with an outfit like Present Mic’s. Walk around with confidence while making sure everyone can hear you at all times. If the party’s lame, crank up the tunes! You know all the best and loudest tunes that will get people dancing. Get fellow your Pro Heros like All Might and Mount Lady together to form a My Hero Academia group cosplay.

About Present Mic

Present Mic is a character from My Hero Academia. Hizashi Yamada, his actual name, is an English teacher at U. A. High School. He’s a very charismatic character with an outgoing personality. Viewed as a radio host of sorts, Hizashi has a personality that talks and moves around the school. He loves being the center of attention and is always prepared to liven up any room. He has a major fear of bugs and becomes faint when surrounded by them.

He’s not just loud on his own. His loud voice is due in part to his Quirk. He can change the volume and pitch of his voice, enabling it as a weapon. His voice can be used to distract or harm enemies or block out other sounds. He wears a speaker around his neck to make his voice even more powerful. Boosting it enough to make people’s ears bleed!

Present Mic

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