How to Dress Like Power Chord from Fortnite

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Power Chord Costume Guide
Spiked Headband
Fortnite Tank Top
Pink Leopard Print Leggings
Fishnet Long-Sleeve
Electric Guitar
MMA Gloves
Green Laces
High Top Black Top Boots
Pink Wristband
Webbing Belt
Pink Wig
Leg Holster

Best Power Chord Costume Guide

In Fortnite Battle Royale, your characters may essentially all be the same, but you have the option to dress your player in a huge variety of cool skins – outfits which change the appearance but offer no other gameplay advantage. They are classified by their rarity – Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon or Common. The Power Chord skin falls into the Legendary category and belongs to the Volume 11 set.

One for all the punk rockers out there, this skin with the slogan “Bring on The Noise Complaints,” is one of the coolest looks on Fortnite! It’s got plenty of attitude, especially when you drop in with the accompanying Stage Dive glider.

Get the look of Power Chord with a Spiked Headband, Fortnite Tank Top, Pink Leopard Print Leggings, Fishnet Long-Sleeve, Electric Guitar, MMA Gloves, Green Laces, High Top Black Top Boots, Pink Wristband, Webbing Belt, Pink Wig, and Leg Holster.

Power Chord Cosplay Costumes

The Power Chord skin is part of the Volume 11 set, featured in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s also classified as Legendary – just like you will be if you step out in this attitude-fuelled punk rock costume.

Fortnite is wildly popular – a legitimate worldwide phenomenon and shows no signs of slowing down. Due to its intense popularity, you’re sure to be a hit with gaming fans at any event you attend dressed as Power Chord – or any other Fortnite skin for that matter.

If you’ve got a bunch of friends who love Fortnite as much as you do, then get them together and check out some of our other skin costume designs – Teknique, Redline, Raptor, Survival Specialist, Scoundrel, and Rust Lord. More are being added regularly due to fan requests. There’s no better way to drop in on a party than dressed as you favorite Fortnite skin!

About Power Chord

Fortnite Battle Royale is an incredibly successful co-operative survival game from Epic Games, which is now available on almost every platform you can think of and is played by millions of people throughout the globe. It’s hard to believe that the Battle Royale part of Fortnite was initially added as a free bonus designed to draw people to the main game, which was a third-person zombie shooter.

The concept sounds simple – 100 players parachute onto an island and set about searching for weapons and gear, try to take out your competitors, and be crowned the winner. This style of gaming has become increasingly popular, and Fortnite is the undisputed king of the genre.

Of interest to cosplay fans is the large amount of skins you can purchase in the game – an outfit that changes the appearance of your character. With more and more skins being added to the game as it grows, there is never a shortage of fun cosplay options for you to explore.

Power Chord

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