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Kellogg created a puffed rice cereal in the 1920s by the name of Rice Krispies. Who would have thought that such a simple cereal like this would become so popular? It wasn’t long before the cereal got its own commercial on the radio and then mascots. The three characters were all created by an illustrator named Vernon Grant, who ultimately based the names of the three little elves off of the ad. In the 1950s, a fourth character was added to the group, but that didn’t last too long.

Pop is the youngest of the three brothers. He’s very cheeky and is always trying to be the center of attention. Paired with his brother Crackle, the two of them get into a lot of mischiefs. Snap is left to pick up the mess they leave behind. Become part of the trio as Pop dressed in a Royal Guard Jacket, Blue Jeans, Black Belt, Elf Ears, Soldier Hat, and Black Boots.

Pop Cosplay Costumes

The original design of the characters was that of older chefs. They had large, cartoon noses and ears that followed the style of the time. As time went by, styles changed, which also meant the artistic renditions of the mascots transformed. They went from older elves to young and rosy-cheeked children and somewhere in between. The current design of Snap, Crackle, and Pop are of children with elf characteristics. Seeing as the cereal is aimed at children, it just made sense to have the mascots be a similar age.

Pop shouldn’t go anywhere without his brothers Snap and Crackle! I’m sure you can find a friend or two who’d love to join you with this cosplay—who wouldn’t want to be a cute elf for a day? Make sure to eat a big bowl of Rice Krispies to start your day, so you’re filled with energy before dressing up like Pop!

Pop Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the delightful world of cereal mascots with our costume guide FAQ dedicated to Pop, the spirited and ingenious member of the Rice Krispies trio. Alongside his brothers Snap and Crackle, Pop brings the iconic sounds of breakfast to life, symbolizing the pop that greets every bowl of Rice Krispies. This guide is designed to help you capture Pop’s unique charm and creativity, perfect for cosplay enthusiasts, promotional events, or simply bringing a touch of whimsy to any gathering.

Pop's outfit is colorful and playful, featuring a bright red or yellow top with a collar, a blue or red bandana tied around the neck, and a blue cap with his name displayed prominently. His pants are typically white or light-colored, and he wears oversized, round black shoes. Pop's attire is completed with a large, white chef's hat, often bearing his name, reflecting his role in the Rice Krispies trio as a maker of delicious, popping cereal.

To create Pop's chef hat, start with a large, white fabric chef's hat, which can be found at culinary supply stores or costume shops. Use fabric markers or iron-on letters to add "Pop" to the front of the hat. Ensure the letters are bold and visible, capturing Pop's lively character. The hat should be tall and puffy, embodying the traditional chef's hat silhouette.

Pop is characterized by his wide, inviting smile and eyes full of mischief and fun. To mimic his facial expressions, use makeup to create a cheerful, wide smile and apply eyeliner or eyeshadow to make your eyes appear larger and more expressive. Cheek color can be added for a rosy, animated appearance. If you're aiming for an elf-like look, consider attaching pointy ear tips to enhance the fantasy aspect of Pop's character.

Authenticity to your Pop costume can be added with props that echo his cereal-making role. Consider carrying a toy trumpet or a small box of Rice Krispies to play into the "pop" theme. A wooden spoon or a whisk can also be fun accessories, symbolizing Pop's culinary contributions to the Rice Krispies trio. These props not only enhance the costume but also deepen the connection to Pop's character and his role in making breakfast pop.

Embodying Pop's essence is more about capturing his bubbly and inventive spirit than quoting specific lines. You can mimic the act of eagerly listening to Rice Krispies as they pop in milk, showing delight and wonder at the sound. Engage with others by sharing playful tidbits like, "Ready for a popping good time?" or "Let's make breakfast pop!" Always maintain a joyful and enthusiastic demeanor to fully bring Pop's character to life.

About Pop

Pop is the youngest of the three mascots for the popular Kellogg’s cereal Rice Krispies. Created in 1928, Kellogg created some friendly faces to adorn the cereal boxes. They commissioned artist Vernon Grant to design gnome-like characters who became the new face of Rice Krispies. Through the years, the trio appeared in advertising such as radio, TV, movie shorts, and comic strips. They also had stars like The Rolling Stones record a song for one of their ads in the 1960s.

Over the years, they have morphed into characters with more pronounced elf characteristics and younger-looking features. Pop is the youngest brother and is very cheeky. He likes being the center of attention, which has led to having a mischievous personality. In the 1950s, a gnome by the name of Pow was part of a new marketing scheme, but he was dropped from the original three.


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