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Polly Kingston Pocket is a lovable 11-year-old girl in the animated television series Polly Pocket. One day, Polly decides to fix her grandmother’s locket, but in the process, discovers its magical ability. The locket has the power to shrink Polly down to the size of a doll, even better, she can shrink any object or person she touches! While the locket is safe in the hands of Polly and her grandmother, Polly must protect the necklace as others wish to steal it to unleash its powers against Polly’s town of Littleton. Now you can get the look of the kind-hearted, lovable girl with this Polly Pocket costume guide.

Cosplay Polly’s adorably girly look with a Pink Sweater over a White T-shirt and Denim Capris. Next, add a pair of White and Purple Sneakers and a Polly Pocket Necklace. Finally, complete the look with Polly’s iconic golden hair with a Blonde Wig and Purple Highlights!

Polly Pocket Cosplay Costumes

Though Polly grows up in a wealthy household, she doesn’t let money and material items affect her outlook on life. Polly understands the important things in life, like keeping close relationships and staying active. With a core group of girlfriends, Polly and her friends are constantly enjoying the outdoors as they skateboard, waterski, and rollerskate. Of course, the girls still love to shop as fashion is one of Polly’s favorite hobbies! Cosplay Polly’s look by wearing a white t-shirt underneath a pink sweater paired with some denim capris. Next, add some white and purple sneakers and accessorize with a signature Polly Pocket necklace. Finally, complete the look with a blonde wig and purple highlights. 

Polly loves her friends, so grab yours and cosplay the entire group of friends! Play some sports and maybe go shopping with friends like Shani, Lea, Lila, Ana, and Crissy. With costumes this good, you and your friends can unleash your girl power and have fun all night long.

Polly Pocket Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant and miniature world of Polly Kingston Pocket from “Polly Pocket” with our fun and colorful costume guide FAQ. Prepare to embody the spirited and adventurous nature of Polly, as we explore the key elements for recreating her bright and cheerful look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that captures her playful and imaginative character.

Polly Pocket's outfit is characterized by its bright and cheerful colors, reflecting her energetic personality. Key components typically include a colorful top or dress, often with vibrant patterns or prints, a pair of leggings or shorts, and comfortable shoes, like sneakers. Her outfit is usually completed with fun accessories, such as a headband or hair clips, and she often wears her hair in a ponytail or pigtails.

To emulate Polly's style, choose clothing in bright, contrasting colors. Look for a top or a dress with playful patterns, such as florals, polka dots, or stripes. Pair this with leggings or shorts in a coordinating color. The key is to create a look that's fun, youthful, and full of energy.

Polly Pocket typically has a simple hairstyle, like a ponytail or pigtails, which you can easily replicate. Accessorize with colorful hair bands, clips, or a headband. You might also include props like miniature toys or a locket to reference her miniature world.

To portray Polly Pocket, focus on exuding a sense of fun and adventure. She's always ready for a new experience, so a bright, cheerful expression and an energetic attitude are key. Mimic her curiosity and readiness to explore new things to bring her character to life.

While Polly Pocket is more known for her adventures and imaginative play than for specific quotes, you can enhance your costume by embodying her traits. She's resourceful, creative, and always willing to help her friends. Expressing these qualities through your actions and interactions can make your portrayal more authentic and enjoyable.

About Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket is one of the most popular girls among her group of friends. Not only is she a fashion icon, but she also loves to have fun! With many hobbies like waterskiing, rollerskating, and snowboarding, Polly is an adrenaline junkie who is up for any adventure. She also understands that a good group of friends is all you need in life and that all the money in the world can’t buy you close friendships. 

When Polly stumbles upon the magical abilities of her grandmother’s necklace, she learns that not everyone wants to use its powers for good. While attending a concert cruise, the locket gets stolen by the evil Griselle who shrinks the concert’s audience. Luckily, Polly is able to save the day and return the audience to their normal size. Because of her kindness and strong intuition, the locket chooses Polly as its new bearer.



Polly Pocket

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