How to Dress Like Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy Costume Guide
Rbenxia Long Red Cosplay Wig
Green Sequin Eye Mask
Green Strapless Leotard
Poison Ivy Glovelette
Fake Green Vine Leaf Garland
Green Leaf Thigh Wraps
Ellie Shoes Green High Heel Boots
ToBeInStyle Green Tights

Best Poison Ivy Halloween Costume Guide

Poison Ivy is quite the opposite of a damsel in distress. She has the ability to seduce any man, and she has her eyes on Batman. She plans to take over Gotham City and anyone who gets in her way—including the superhero, Batman. Ivy is a villain, but we can’t help but love her style. She has a poisonous kiss that will kill anyone who touches her lips. She is the man-eater of the super villains.

Poison Ivy has a look like no other comic book character. She wears her fiery hair long and wavy, a green sequined mask, green leaves and vines all over her body, gloves to conceal her poisonous touch when she so desires, and she flaunts her body in high heels. Poison Ivy knows she is a seductress and she uses that to her advantage.

Poison Ivy Cosplay Costumes

Poison Ivy is the enemy of Batman and is out to destroy Gotham City. Her main attributes of being a seductress include her body, mind, and style. Poison Ivy knows just how to get under the skin of any man, and once she does—he’s gone forever. Her looks are just as deadly as her poisonous lips, and we are here to get you the knockout look of Poison Ivy.

To recreate Poison Ivy’s costume you will need this Long Red Cosplay Wig, a Green Sequin Eye Mask, a Green Strapless Leotard, a Fake Green Vine Leaf Garland, Poison Ivy Glovelettes, Green Leaf Thigh Wraps, ToBeInStyle Green Tights, and Ellie Shoes Green High Heel Boots. Poison Ivy knows that her looks are just as important as any other superhuman skill she has, so make sure you get the seducing necessities!

About Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a recurring enemy of Batman in the DC comic books. Although she is a villain, she was not always an evil person. Before she was Poison Ivy, her name was Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley. Isley was a botanist and lover of all things that were plant involved. She was once seduced by one of her professors to help steal an ancient Egyptian artifact which led to Isley being poisoned by her professor. He did not succeed and Isley only gained an immunity to natural toxins.

Later in her life, Isley was once again seduced by a fellow professor so he could inject poisonous toxins into her body for experimental purposes. Only this time she is fully transformed into Poison Ivy and develops superhuman abilities, one of those being the deadly kiss. The transformation drove her insane which led her to move to Gotham City and wreak havoc on the innocent people of the city.

Poison Ivy

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