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Best Pocahontas Costume Guide

Get a costume like Pocahontas, the Walt Disney animated movie about the romance between a young American Indian woman and Captain John Smith. The daughter of Chief Powhatan, who is now considered a Disney princess, eventually falls in love wth Captain Smith who is the only settler in Jamestown that befriended the natives.

Dress up like Pocahontas with a Long Black Anime Cosplay WigRG Women’s Costumes PocahontasPocahontas Necklace, and Pocahontas Costume Armband. Take along your Raccoon friend with a Disney Pocahontas Plush Meeko toy.

Pocahontas Cosplay Costumes

Paint with all the colors of the wind and cosplay as Pocahontas at your next party or convention. You’ll be a huge hit dressing up as the Native American princess from the beloved Disney classic. And you’ll get to pal around with an adorable stuffed Meeko — who wouldn’t want that?

In Pocahontas’ flowy dress, you’ll be ready to explore any landscape. Your turquoise necklace will surely dazzle, and your tribal armband will show people you mean business. Wear a long black wig if you want to completely embody the princess. Looking to do a cosplay couple’s costume? Have someone dress up as John Smith with you. Get inspired by these powerful Pocahontas cosplayers.

Pocahontas Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of the Powhatan tribe with our Pocahontas costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to help you recreate Pocahontas’s memorable look from the Disney movie, blending historical elements with the animation’s stylized portrayal. Embrace the spirit of nature and adventure that Pocahontas represents.

Pocahontas's outfit in the Disney movie is a one-shoulder, knee-length dress in a light brown or tan color, resembling buckskin. The dress often features fringe details and a blue necklace that holds special significance in the film.

Pocahontas is known for her long, flowing black hair. To achieve this look, let your hair fall naturally or use a long, straight black wig. She typically wears her hair down, but you can also tie it back with a simple band to mimic her style in certain scenes.

Key accessories for a Pocahontas costume include her distinctive blue necklace, a replica of the one given to her by her father in the movie. You can also add a simple armband or a woven belt to complete the look.

Makeup for a Pocahontas costume should be natural and understated. Focus on a warm, earthy tone for the face and a neutral lip color. A little bit of eyeliner can help to emphasize the eyes subtly.

Adding quotes or referencing scenes from "Pocahontas" can bring depth to your costume. Consider these memorable lines and moments: "You think I'm an ignorant savage, and you've been so many places; I guess it must be so.," Singing or referencing the song "Colors of the Wind.," "I'm Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan." and "No matter what happens, I'll always be with you, forever." These quotes and references capture the essence of Pocahontas's character: her strong connection to nature, her curiosity, and her wisdom.

About Pocahontas

Pocahontas was the daughter of Chief Powhatan of the Powhatans, a Native American tribe. Pocahontas, a rebellious and free-spirited girl, would often go exploring on her own with her animal friends Meeko and Flit. Pocahontas was arranged to be married to the warrior Kocoum, despite the fact that she did not love him. After the arrival of English explorers, Pocahontas was forced to keep the peace between her tribe and the foreigners.

Pocahontas eventually fell in love with the captain of the English settlers, John Smith. Neither her tribe nor John Smith’s fellow Englishmen approved of their relationship, leading to more tension between the two groups. Fighting ensued between the Powhatan’s and the English, and Kocoum was killed. John Smith was held responsible and set to be executed, but Pocahontas intervened and saved his life. The natives and the English eventually came to accept each other and Pocahontas’ and John Smith’s relationship.


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