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The 2019 movie Us is a psychological horror film. The movie follows a family who return to the mother’s childhood beach home. The mother, Adelaide, is nervous because of a traumatic experience from when she was younger and it is soon revealed that there’s more to this place than first thought. Four masked strangers break into the family home, making them fight to survive. It is later revealed that the attackers are actually copies of the family and their goal is to remove the ‘tether’ connecting them.

Just like all good psychological horror films, there are many suspicions and theories about Pluto’s character. Pluto is the dopplegänger of the son Jason Peele, played by Evan Alex. Pluto doesn’t speak and, like most of the dopplegängers, has an animal-like behavior. If you want to get the disturbing look of Pluto you will need a Pluto Mask, Red Coveralls, Brown Leather Gloves, Sandals and Gold Scissors.

Pluto Cosplay Costumes

Us has some classic elements of a good horror film and really plays with your mind. From what the movie reveals, each person has a dopplegänger. It seems these dopplegängers try to imitate the human copy but in a more disturbing and violent way. The good thing about this costume is that they all seem to wear the same, or similar outfit! So this is perfect for a Halloween group cosplay! The signature look for the tethered is the Red Coveralls, a pair of Gold Scissors or shears and a creepy mask.

This outfit really works best in numbers, so why not get your friends to join in the fun? Have some hairs raised when you’re walking the streets as Pluto and your friends are some of the other tethered like Red, Abraham or Umbrae. We’d love to see how your costume turns out, so don’t forget to submit a photo to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Pluto Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the eerie and thought-provoking world of Jordan Peele’s “Us” by embodying Pluto, the mysterious and haunting doppelgänger of Jason Wilson. Our costume guide FAQ is meticulously crafted to help you capture the essence of Pluto’s character, a blend of innocence and malevolence wrapped in a silent, enigmatic presence. Whether for a cosplay event, a themed party, or simply to explore the darker side of human nature, this guide will provide you with all the necessary details to accurately portray Pluto, ensuring your transformation is as chilling as his on-screen appearance.

Pluto's outfit is emblematic of the Tethered's uniform, reflecting their shadowy existence. Essential components include a red jumpsuit that zips up the front, symbolizing the unity and uniformity of the Tethered. The jumpsuit should be plain, without any logos or markings, to maintain the film's aesthetic. Pluto's look is completed with a pair of fingerless, leather-like gloves and dark shoes. His most distinctive feature, however, is the mask he wears, which covers his entire face except for his eyes, adding to his eerie and unsettling demeanor.

To replicate Pluto's mask, start with a basic white mask that can be customized. Use black paint or a marker to recreate the simplistic features and wide, expressive eyes that characterize Pluto's mask. For the burned facial features seen when Pluto's mask is removed, consider using makeup or face paint to create the illusion of scarring and burns. Special effects makeup tutorials can offer guidance on achieving a realistic burned appearance, enhancing the authenticity of your Pluto costume.

Essential accessories for a convincing portrayal of Pluto include his toy ambulence, which is significant to his character and the film's plot. While carrying an actual toy ambulance may not be practical for all events, even referencing it through a smaller replica or themed accessory can pay homage to this aspect of Pluto's character. Additionally, ensuring that your gloves and shoes are as close to the film's depiction as possible will complete the visual accuracy of the costume, highlighting Pluto's role as a member of the Tethered.

For a DIY approach to Pluto's red jumpsuit, you can start with a plain red jumpsuit or coveralls as the base. If necessary, remove any existing logos or markings. For those unable to find a red jumpsuit, consider dyeing a white jumpsuit red using fabric dye, following the product instructions for the best results. The jumpsuit should be simple, with minimal detailing, to stay true to the film's portrayal of the Tethered's uniforms.

Pluto's silent but menacing presence is marked by his peculiar movements and behaviors. Emulating his animalistic crawling and the way he tilts his head can add a layer of authenticity to your Pluto cosplay. Additionally, mimicking the scene where he mimics Jason's movements adds depth to your portrayal, capturing the eerie connection between the Tethered and their above-ground counterparts. Portraying Pluto's fascination with fire, without endangering yourself or others, through subtle gestures or props can also enhance the portrayal.

About Pluto

Pluto is a fictional character played by Evan Alex in the 2019 movie Us. During the 80s, Adelaide Thomas is on vacation with her parents in Santa Cruz when she has a traumatic experience in the hall of mirrors. She doesn’t speak again of that experience until she returns with her own family. Adelaide is sure something is going to happen if they go, but her husband thinks she’s being silly. However, when they arrive things go wrong very quickly. 

A family dressed in red jumpsuits breaks into their home and reveals themselves to be tethered dopplegängers of the family. Their goal is to break the link, which means they need to kill the real copies above ground. Pluto’s the tethered of the son Jason. While each double takes care of their own, Pluto goes to “play” with Jason in the cupboard. Pluto is a little different from the others because he doesn’t actually try to kill Jason, but that’s not to say he doesn’t cause him any harm.


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