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Cells at Work! is a unique Japanese manga turned anime series that was created by Akane Shimizu. The elaborate storyline takes place inside a human body and focuses on the anthropomorphic cells as they do their best to keep the body they are a part of alive and healthy. The series mainly focuses on a new red blood cell and a white blood cell. 

Platelet is a red blood cell in the Platelet Division. Her job is to form blood clots and help heal the body when it is injured. Although she can’t fight against threats that enter the body, she can move quickly to different locations. Platelet is a polite and energetic cell which is fun to be around. Due to her kind personality, she is loved by nearly every cell. To cosplay the adorable red blood cell follow this Platelet costume guide. For her complete costume, you can wear a White Hat, Blue Shirt, White Shorts, Brown Hair Wig, Black Rain Boots, Yellow Messenger Bag, and Yellow Flag.

Platelet Cosplay Costumes

Platelets are known to be quite small in size, so the creator of the series made them look like children. They are cute, but also super hard working. The main character, Platelet, is seen as a little girl with long, dirty blond hair. Her uniform is a bit big on her since it is based on kindergarten students. 

To put this costume together as close as possible, you’re going to have to pay attention to the specific character details. The biggest giveaway will be how the uniform fits you. Having an oversized shirt will help you look even smaller and more youthful. You could also carry around one of the pink and white buckets filled with tools to help you do your job. There are some unique ways you could make Platelet’s costume into a more extensive group cosplay. You could have other cell types join in the fun with you to have an entire group of Platelets working together!

Platelet Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the charming and unique world of “Cells at Work!” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ dedicated to one of its most adorable characters – Platelet. This guide will help you capture the essence of the Platelet character, known for their cute and endearing role in the anime series. Whether you’re a fan of the show or just love the character, our FAQ addresses your most common questions about creating an authentic Platelet cosplay.

To dress up as a Platelet from 'Cells at Work!', you will need a navy blue pleated skirt, a white t-shirt, a navy blue sailor-style collar with a red stripe, a white hat with a red cross, and knee-high white socks. These elements capture the simple yet recognizable outfit worn by the Platelets in the series.

The Platelet's hat is a key part of the costume. It's a white, brimmed cap with a red cross in the center. You can either buy a replica online or create your own using a plain white cap and adding a red cross with fabric paint or felt.

Platelets in the anime have a variety of hairstyles, but most commonly, they have short, bobbed hair. You can either style your hair in a similar fashion or use a wig. The hair color is typically dark or light brown, but being a cartoon character, there's flexibility for interpretation.

To add more authenticity to your Platelet costume, consider carrying props like a small first-aid kit, a toy walkie-talkie, or a megaphone. These items reflect the Platelets' role in repairing and maintaining the body in the series.

Although the Platelets in 'Cells at Work!' are more known for their actions than their words, their collective cute demeanor and work ethic can be summed up with phrases like, “Let's do our best!” or “We have a job to do!” These simple yet endearing lines perfectly capture the spirit of the Platelets in the series.

About Platelet

There are many cells hard at work inside the human body, but we never get to see them. That is until the Japanese anime series, Cells at Work!, came out. The entire show takes place inside a human body and focuses on the different jobs cells have. A new red blood cell and grumpy white blood cell are in the center of the story, but that doesn’t mean we don’t meet other cell types. 

The main character, Platelet, is a small but significant character in the show. She’s part of the Platelet Division and has to heal the body and form blood clots. She is usually paired with a Platelet boy as they go around and complete their tasks. She’s a bubbly and innocent little girl who is a leader to the other Platelets. She loves receiving attention from the new red blood cell, AE3803, and would happily spend her time receiving cuddles.


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