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Piper Chapman Style Wig
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Best Piper Chapman Costume Guide

Based on the non-fiction book by Piper Kerman, Orange is the New Black, one of the main characters and protagonist of the television series; Piper Chapman finds her life turned upside down upon being throw in prison for carrying drugs. Prison shows make for easy cosplay costumes. Follow our simple guide and turn yourself into show favorite, Piper Chapman.

Begin with an Orange Scrub Set Prisoner Costume over a Hanes Cotton Jersey Tee. Slip into a pair of Vans Classic Navy Canvas Slip On sneakers, and you will have nailed the clothing portion of this outfit. Finish up with a Piper Chapman Style Wig, and you’re all set!

Piper Chapman Cosplay Costumes

Due to the simplicity of this cosplay outfit, our further advice will be brief. You can either go with your standard orange prison jumpsuit, or you could opt for medical scrubs in the same bright orange. Slip on sneakers in denim or even white would be a more authentic look but in truth, the orange outfit will be a dead giveaway that you’re cosplaying a jail inmate.

The popularity of the show will make any group efforts easily recognizable. Having a friend play the part of prison wife, Alex Vause is always an option. Also, including some of the shows more popular characters would definitely draw more attention to your group. We suggest Nicky Nichols, Crazy Eyes or cellmate Miss Claudette. Make sure you check out our featured pics for additional style ideas. We also welcome your pic submissions!

Piper Chapman Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the complex world of Litchfield Penitentiary with our Piper Chapman costume guide FAQ. Embrace the role of the intriguing and multifaceted protagonist from “Orange Is the New Black” as we answer your most common questions about creating Piper’s distinctive prison attire and look, perfect for a realistic and impactful costume portrayal.

Piper Chapman's typical outfit in "Orange Is the New Black" consists of a beige or khaki prison jumpsuit or a two-piece set with a T-shirt. The costume should be simple and plain, reflecting the standard prison issue. Ensure the clothing isn't too fitted, as prison uniforms are generally loose.

Piper has blonde hair, usually styled in a simple, practical way, befitting the prison environment. A short to medium-length blonde wig or styling your own hair in a similar manner works well. For makeup, keep it minimal and natural, reflecting Piper's understated look in prison.

Piper's accessories are limited due to the prison setting. However, you can include items like a simple wristwatch, plain white sneakers or slip-on shoes, and a plastic ID badge to hang around your neck, resembling an inmate ID.

Piper often carries a mix of vulnerability and strength. She can be seen as contemplative, yet assertive when needed. Mimic her mannerisms by walking with purpose yet maintaining a somewhat reserved posture, reflecting her adaptation to prison life.

Adding quotes from Piper can bring more depth to your portrayal. Some notable ones include: "I'm scared that I'm not myself in here, and I'm scared that I am.," "I carried a suitcase of drug money once, ten years ago.," "You can't just turn gay. You're not a light switch.," "Do you hear yourself sometimes? Like when you speak?" and "It's like the Hamptons, only horrible." These quotes reflect Piper's journey and experiences in prison, showcasing her evolution and complex personality.

About Piper Chapman

Inmate Piper Chapman is an admitted WASP who also considers herself to be agnostic. Originally from Connecticut, before prison, Piper owned a specialty bath soap business in Brooklyn, NY. Born into a wealthy family, Piper was a debutante as a teenager. She considers herself to be bisexual and in college, she was in a relationship with a drug smuggler, Alex Vause, whom she later runs into again in prison. Disillusioned with Alex’s lifestyle, Piper broke things off with her and began a relationship with a man to whom she was later engaged to.

Sentenced for being an accomplice in drug smuggling, Piper finds life in prison difficult to cope with. She soon finds herself accidentally making enemies. She is forced to starve after unintentionally offending the head of the prison cafeteria but ends up solving the problem herself by utilizing her soap making skills. She finds a protector and confidante in fellow inmate Nicky and is fortunate to have a helpful cellmate who helps keep her out of trouble with the guards. Piper Chapman finds that she has what it takes to survive.

Piper Chapman

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