How to Dress Like Pigpen

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Dirt Makeup
Black Yarn
Bald Cap
Brown Bib Overalls
White T-Shirt
Grey Socks

Best Pigpen Costume Guide

Pigpen is a popular character created by Charles M. Schulz for the comic strips Peanuts. Nobody knows his real name as it was never mentioned in the comic strip. Pigpen is characterized by his good nature and the constant cloud of dirt that surrounds him and follows him wherever he goes. He is always dirty and people call him such insulting names. The most common name people call him is Pig-Pen so, that’s the name he typically gets called. Dress like the filthy Peanuts character with this Pigpen costume guide.

To dress up like Pig-Pen, you need to look very, very dirty. Start by wearing a White T-shirt which won’t stay white for very long. Next, wear a bald cap so you can portray his appearance accurately. Now comes the fun part. Put on the Brown Bib Overalls and Grey Socks. The add the Black Yarn and Dirt Makeup to create the dust effect and dirty look of Pig-Pen. Now walk around and make some people cough!

Pigpen Cosplay Costumes

Pigpen is a good natured, happy-go-lucky type of person. Even though his constant uncleanliness makes people uncomfortable, he doesn’t seem to care. If you’ve decided to cosplay Pigpen, don’t go at it alone. Give a shout out to your friends and ask them to join you to cosplay the Peanuts.

Cosplaying cartoon characters from childhood always results in a fun time. Your friends can dress up as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty, Marcie or other characters from the Peanuts comic strip. But why stay limited to that? Your friends can also dress up as characters from their own favorite childhood comics like Garfield, Calvin and Hobbs, and Archie. We have lots of costume guides like that for your inspiration. So start exploring! Submit a photo of your Pigpen cosplay to be posted in the photo gallery.

Pigpen Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and carefree world of Pigpen, the lovably disheveled character from Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” comic strip, with our fun and easy costume guide FAQ. Pigpen is celebrated for his perpetually dirty appearance and his unbothered attitude towards cleanliness, making him a unique and memorable character. This guide is designed to help you recreate Pigpen’s iconic look, focusing on his casual outfit and, of course, his signature cloud of dust.

Pigpen's costume is characterized by its simplicity and the illusion of being perpetually dirty. Essential items include a basic, oversized, plain shirt in a light color like yellow or white, brown shorts, and simple sneakers or brown shoes. The key to Pigpen's look is to make these clothes appear dusty and dirty. You can achieve this by lightly applying brown makeup or using non-toxic, washable paint to create faux dirt stains and smudges.

Pigpen has short, messy, and unkempt hair, which can be achieved with your natural hair or a short, tousled wig. The hair should look as if it hasn't been combed, adding to the overall disheveled appearance of the character.

To create the effect of Pigpen's signature cloud of dust, lightly apply brown makeup, eyeshadow, or washable paint on the clothes, focusing on areas that would naturally gather more dirt, like the hems and seams. For a more dynamic effect, you might consider using a light brown tulle fabric or light netting attached around the waist or pockets to give the appearance of dust clouds.

Pigpen is a straightforward character, so accessories should be minimal. However, carrying around a small, plush dust cloud or attaching lightweight fabric dust clouds to your costume can enhance the look. Remember, the focus should be on the dusty and dirty aspect of the costume.

Pigpen is known for his cheerful acceptance of his constant state of dirtiness. Some memorable lines that reflect his character include: "One of the joys of being dirty is you can always get dirtier.," "It's hard to be tidy when you're digging up a dinosaur.," and "I feel clean. I was almost washed away in the rain yesterday." Portraying Pigpen with a carefree attitude and a smile, embracing his untidy appearance, will make your costume more authentic and endearing.

About Pigpen

Pig-Pen is a boy that represents an “I don’t care what people think” attitude. He is extremely dirty and is always surrounded by a cloud of dirt and dust. When he dances, dust rises up so much that it makes people cough. But, that’s not due to lack of effort on his part. There are many times when Pig-Pen tries to keep himself clean. But the moment he steps outside, he instantly becomes dirty again exclaiming to Charlie Brown that he’s a “dust magnet.”

But for all his flaws, he takes them in stride and doesn’t let it ruin his attitude. He sometimes takes pride in the cloud of dust that surrounds him, calling it “The Dust of Ancient Civilizations.” The only other character that likes Pig-Pen other than himself is none other than Charlie Brown. He wholeheartedly accepts the dirtiness that makes Pigpen well…Pig-Pen.


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