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Best Phryne Fisher Costume Guide

Phryne Fisher or simply “Miss Fisher” is the flamboyant private detective and wealthy aristocrat who is the primary character in Kerry Greenwood’s series of detective novels. The Australian crime solver is also adept at flying planes and driving her own sports car. With a touch of Bohemian style, she maintains her class and style while solving crimes. Assisted by Dot, Bert, and Cec her assistants, Miss Fisher solves crimes gracefully just like her moves on the dance floor. Fluent also in French, she speaks with a true Parisian accent. Get the look of the private detective that has a flapper flair with this Phryne Fisher costume guide.

If it’s high society cosplay that you’re looking for, get the look of Miss Phryne Fisher’s look with a Costume Wig, Women’s Flapper Dresses, Holster Set, Accent Head Jewelry, Gatsby Necklace, and a pair of Wedding Pumps.

Phryne Fisher Cosplay Costumes

With her first appearance in the novel Cocaine Blues, Phryne Fisher has a fascinating background. She was born into a poor family often eating rabbit and cabbage because no other food was available. She’s not ashamed of the luxuries her current position and wealth now afford her. With great courage and fearlessness, Miss Fisher often dresses in high fashion, typical of the flappers in the 1920’s. Her black hair is cropped short which can be achieved with a wig. Her clothing is typically an ornate flapper dress accented with black pumps and Gatsby-esque jewelry. You’ll also want to have a revolver in tow as well, just in case.

Phryne Fisher and those in her social circle are a terrific option for group cosplay. Transform you and your friends into high society with elegant costumes reminiscent of the 1920’s. Stand out from others at a costume party this year accompanied by Dorothy ‘Dot’ Williams (her assistant) as well as Albert “Bert” Johnson and Cecil “Cec” Yates.

Phryne Fisher Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the stylish and daring world of Phryne Fisher, the elegant and sharp-witted detective from Kerry Greenwood’s series of novels, with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Embody the spirit of the 1920s as we answer your key questions about recreating Phryne’s chic and sophisticated look, a perfect blend of flapper elegance and detective practicality.

Phryne Fisher's outfit encapsulates the glamour and liberation of the 1920s. Essential components include a stylish flapper dress, often embellished with beads or sequins, a cloche hat, and T-strap heels. Her wardrobe is characterized by luxurious fabrics, elegant cuts, and Art Deco patterns. Accessorizing with a pearl necklace, long gloves, and a beaded clutch will complete the look.

Phryne's hairstyle is typically a stylish bob, a popular look in the 1920s. To replicate it, you can either cut your hair into a sleek bob or use a wig. Her makeup should reflect the era, with a focus on bold, dark eyebrows, smoky eye makeup, and dark lipstick. A beauty mark near the lip can be a distinctive touch.

Phryne often dons a luxurious fur coat or a sleek, tailored jacket, adding to her sophisticated appearance. Essential accessories include a cloche hat, fitting snugly around the head, and a pearl necklace, a quintessential item of the 1920s. Carrying a small, beaded handbag will also enhance the authenticity of the costume.

As a detective, Phryne Fisher is often seen with props that reflect her profession. Carrying a magnifying glass or a vintage-style pistol (as a safe, clearly fake prop) can add a touch of mystery and adventure to your costume. Additionally, a period-accurate cigarette holder can add to the 1920s ambiance.

Phryne Fisher is known for her wit, confidence, and sharp intellect. Including quotes from the novels or emulating her fearless and inquisitive nature will bring your portrayal to life. Some memorable traits include her unflappable demeanor, her flair for dramatics, and her passion for justice. Capturing her essence is as much about attitude and mannerisms as it is about the costume.

About Phryne Fisher

Phryne Fisher or “Miss Fisher” is the main character first appearing in Cocaine Blues, the first detective novel by Australian writer Kerry Greenwood. The storyline describes Phryne as a wealthy aristocrat coming from a background of poverty. She becomes a private detective being “quintessentially Australian.” After completing school, Phryne left home for France without her parents’ blessings and joined an ambulance unit during WWI. Following the war, she even modeled for an artist in Montparnasse. This perky lady had certainly been through a roller coaster lifestyle in her extensive travels as a private detective.

Following the end of the 2012 television drama, many have speculated that the popular Australian series would be made into a feature film starring the actress Essie Davis who would star as Phryne Fisher. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears is the first film to be made in the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series.

Phryne Fisher

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