How to Dress Like Phil & Lil DeVille from Rugrats

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Best Phil & Lil DeVille Costume Guide

Phil and Lil DeVille are a pair of fraternal twins in the much-loved Nickelodeon children’s series Rugrats. These cute little toothless babies were a big favorite among fans of the show, and even though they argue a lot, they love each other dearly. While they dress basically the same, they also have a lot of shared interests. Most of these interest revolve around mud, worms, and joining in on their next-door neighbor Tommy’s adventures. Neither of them will ever shy away from a challenge!

If you, or even better, you and a friend want to transform yourselves into these lovable tots from Rugrats, you’ll need to get yourself a V-Neck T-Shirt, Long Tank Top, Hair Clips, Running Shorts, Crew Socks, Women’s Rippy Shoes, Van’s Authentic Classics, Rubber Ducks Stickers and don’t forget every baby’s favorite item – the Freeflow pacifier.

Phil & Lil DeVille Cosplay Costumes

If you were a kid in the 90’s and early 00’s, we’re pretty sure you would have had a television diet which included healthy doses of Rugrats. The Nickelodeon children’s series was hugely popular and continued its legacy with some subsequent movies about the gang being all grown up. The best part about the Phil and Lil costume is that it is perfect for cosplaying as a pair. Grab a friend and argue over who wore it better!

When you’re picking cosplay outfits, you want to be sure that people are going to be able to work out who you are – having to explain yourself is every cosplayer’s worst nightmare, so by choosing these adorable little twins Phil and Lil DeVille, we reckon you’re going to be pretty recognizable. And if you have some more friends who love Rugrats as much as you do, get them to check out our costume ideas for Chuckie FinsterDidi PicklesSusie Carmichael, Dr. Lipschitz, and Stu Pickles!

Phil & Lil DeVille Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the playful and adventurous world of “Rugrats” with our costume guide FAQ for Phil and Lil DeVille, the mischievous and energetic twins known for their fun-loving nature and inseparable bond. These adorable toddlers are iconic characters from the beloved animated series, and their outfits reflect their simple and carefree lifestyle. This guide will help you recreate Phil and Lil’s distinctive looks, perfect for fans of the show, siblings, or friends looking to capture the essence of these playful characters.

Phil and Lil DeVille's outfits are simple and childlike, perfect for their playful antics. Both characters wear light blue shirts with a darker blue scalloped collar and cuffs. They also have matching pink and black-striped shirts underneath. The key difference is in their lower attire: Phil wears light blue shorts, while Lil wears a matching light blue dress. Both characters are often seen in white sneakers with untied laces and white socks. Completing their look, they each have a small amount of brown hair on top of their heads.

Phil and Lil have distinctive hairstyles with three strands of hair sticking up on top of their heads. To replicate this, you can use a small amount of hair gel or styling product to create the three spikes. For those with longer hair, consider using a wig cap to hide the excess hair and then attach three spiked hairpieces to the cap.

The appropriate footwear for Phil and Lil DeVille costumes is a pair of white sneakers with untied laces. The sneakers should be simple and reminiscent of typical toddler shoes. Adding white socks will complete the look, maintaining the authenticity of the characters' appearances.

Key accessories for Phil and Lil include their respective duck and squirrel plush toys, which they are often seen carrying in the show. These props can add a fun and authentic touch to the costumes, capturing the essence of the characters' playful and childlike nature.

Portraying Phil and Lil involves capturing their curious, adventurous, and often mischievous personalities. Some characteristics to emphasize include: Their love for playing in the mud and getting messy. Their close bond as twins, often sticking together in adventures and mischief. With these elements, your Phil and Lil DeVille costumes will not only capture their iconic looks from "Rugrats" but also reflect the playful and inseparable bond of these beloved twin characters.

About Phil & Lil DeVille

Phil and Lil DeVille are fictional characters on the classic Nickelodeon kid’s show, Rugrats. Both of the twins were voiced by actor Kath Soucie in the original series, and they are the only children of Betty and Howard DeVille. The twins live next door to Tommy Pickles, and love getting into messy, scary adventures with all of the other Rugrats. They both dress almost identically, with only a couple of minor differences such as Phil wearing shorts and Lil wearing a dress.

These cute little inseparable babies have a shared interest for playing in mud, eating worms, and generally being messy. Lil is known to be two minutes older than her brother, and the two are rarely seen apart until the Rugrats: All Grown Up series, where they have started developing slightly different personalities and even each have their own separate rooms.

Phil & Lil DeVille

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