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Best Peter W. Costume Guide

Not all superheroes are created equal. Don’t believe this? Just dial up Peter W of Deadpool 2, the insane action-packed sequel to the 20th Century Fox first R-rated X-Men film, Deadpool (2016), and you’ll immediately understand. So why must all superheroes come garbed in elaborate costumes with capes, panties on the outside and glistening metallic insignias stamped to the garments of their upper torsos? Nope, this is definitely not what the comic gods had in mind when they created the ever-unflappable Peter W, the newest recruit in Deadpool’s team of crime fighters. There’s no need to crack open the piggy to put together some cool threads and attend your upcoming Cosplay gig. As Peter W, you just need to sashay in with a set of everyday, middle-class America working clothes with tailored pants, cotton shirt, and a simple tie. Say what? Yup, you heard correct. That’s the latest costume gear for this incredibly simple, humble, lovable and ever-optimistic dude of a superhero! Go get ‘em!!!

Peter W. Cosplay Costumes

This second installment of the Deadpool movie certainly has more of the superhero characters and villains that you and your cronies would ever need as inspirations for your cosplay fantasies. You can either take the expected lead role as the wisecracking mercenary, Deadpool, our un-killable, supercool superhero numero uno with his deadpan expressions and head-banging calisthenics. Or, for a refreshing change, go for broke and step out as Peter W, who, incidentally, applied for the role of crime-buster simply because “I saw the ad …” Hilarious but candid!

Your buddies can fill out the rest of the roles as any one of the following –the Terminator-like Cable in his unstoppable quest to fulfill his mission of vanquishing Firefist, the chubby kid-next-door with a major chip on his shoulders. Or flesh it out with scintillating costumes as, Vanessa, Yukio, Juggernaut, Colossus, Bedlam, Firefist, Domino or Dopinder, your average metropolitan cab driver dying for some superhero excitement in his humdrum everyday life. Take your pick!

Peter W. Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the unexpectedly humorous side of superhero antics with our costume guide FAQ for Peter W. from “Deadpool 2.” Unlike his super-powered counterparts, Peter’s charm lies in his utterly ordinary and relatable appearance, making him a unique and amusing cosplay choice. This guide will help you nail Peter’s everyman look, capturing the essence of his character from the film.

Peter W.'s outfit is delightfully mundane, reflecting his status as an average guy who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances. His costume includes a short-sleeved, button-up, plaid shirt in muted colors, khaki pants, a sensible belt, and comfortable, plain sneakers. To complete the look, don a simple, unadorned windbreaker or light jacket. This ensemble perfectly captures Peter's suburban, everyman vibe.

Peter W. has a neat, ordinary haircut and a well-trimmed mustache, embodying the quintessential middle-aged man look. To replicate his hairstyle, opt for a simple, short haircut. If you don't naturally have a mustache, consider using a fake mustache that matches his style - nothing too flashy, just a basic, average-looking mustache.

Peter's shoes are the epitome of practicality and comfort. Choose a pair of plain, lace-up sneakers in a neutral color like white, beige, or gray. They should be unremarkable and typical of what an average middle-aged man might wear for a casual outing.

While Peter W. doesn't wear many distinctive accessories, you can enhance your costume with a pair of standard, non-descript eyeglasses and a wristwatch. These items add to his character's normalcy and unassuming presence.

Peter W. is known for his deadpan humor and ordinary demeanor. Here are some lines and actions you can use: "I just saw the ad and thought it looked fun.," "I don't have one [a superpower]. I just saw the ad." and "I'm basically here to just bolster numbers." These elements, along with an unassuming and cheerful attitude, will bring your Peter W. cosplay to life.

About Peter W.

Following fast and furious on the heels of the phenomenal box-office success of Deadpool, the highest-grossing Fox X-Men film, the sequel delivers an avalanche of action meshed up with loads of humor as an antidote and antithesis to the politically-correct tone and timbre of the usual plethora of superhero movies. As is to be expected of a Deadpool sequel, the dialogue is as zany and screwball as it can get with its “rules are made to be broken” R-rating.

Wade Wilson is joined in this latest outing by the easy-on-the-eyes Vanessa, Firefist, Juggernaut, Colossus, Bedlam, Domino, Yukio and the rest of the lineup. Unexpectedly, a new anti-superhero type makes the entry, the dad-like, docile but effervescent Peter W. The plot unravels with Deadpool engaging with Cable, the unstoppable, genetically-enhanced soldier from the future who’s hot on the trail of Russell, the angry teenage mutant young teen from the orphanage. Deadpool enlists the help of his fellow superheroes in his mission to protect Russell from being obliterated by Cable and his sophisticated arsenal of weapons.

Peter W.

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