How to Dress Like Percy (Smallfoot)

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Percy Costume Guide
Red Snow Jacket
Snow Gloves
Orange Hair Dye
Black Pants with Red Stripe
Snow Boots

Best Percy Halloween Costume Guide

Percy Patterson is a human character in the 2018 animated film Smallfoot, and is voiced by James Corden. This down-on-his-luck animal documentary film-maker wants nothing more than to recapture the fame he once had. However, his popularity has dwindled away to almost nothing. Just when he is trying to have his assistant Brenda dress up as a Yeti to fake some footage of the mythical creature, he meets Migo – a real Yeti who is just as shocked to be meeting his first Smallfoot (human).

We follow Percy and Migo as they both try to learn about each other’s culture and battle against the preconceived ideas of both species to reach a point of acceptance. To get the look of the once famous TV presenter Percy Patterson from Smallfoot, you’ll need to get a Red Snow Jacket, Snow Gloves, Black Pants with Red Stripe, Snow Boots, and go all out for this look with some Orange Hair Dye.

Percy Cosplay Costumes

Animated films make excellent sources of cosplay ideas, and with Smallfoot set to be a worldwide hit in 2018 we can bet you’re going to love dressing as James Corden’s portrayal of Percy Patterson. Percy is a character who starts out chasing fame and fortune but quickly realizes the very creatures he wants to take advantage of are actually kind, compassionate animals who have also been lied to about the dangers of humans. Are you ready to seek redemption just like Percy?

There’s a bunch of other cool characters you’ll be able to cosplay from Smallfoot too – Migo, the Yeti voiced by Channing Tatum, or Zandaya’s Yeti character Meechee. Get ahead of the crowds and prepare those Smallfoot costumes today. We love seeing photos of your cosplay efforts, so don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

About Percy

Percy Patterson is a fictional character voiced by James Corden in the 2018 animated film Smallfoot. He is a former TV presenter and documentary film-maker who has lost fame and desperately wants it back. When we meet him, he is down on his luck and trying, with his assistant Brenda (voiced by Yara Shahidi), to capture footage of the mythical Yeti in the hopes that he can make a viral video which catapults him back into the spotlight. Almost giving up, he is stunned when he meets a real Yeti named Migo, voiced by Channing Tatum. Migo also thinks that humans aren’t real, so he is just as shocked as Percy. Even though Percy tries to capture Migo, the big Yeti looks after him and saves his life.

As the story goes on, the pair struggle against the misconceptions each species has been told about the other, before finally coming together to show that humans and Yetis don’t need to fear each other – they can get along just fine.


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