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Pepe the Frog Costume Guide
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Best Pepe the Frog Halloween Costume Guide

Pepe now comes in the form of a costume! One of the most popular Internet memes, this character originally came from the comic series Boy’s Club by Matt Furie before growing in popularity on Myspace and 4chan in 2008. The anthropomorphic frog with a humanoid body goes through everyday life while experiencing plenty of emotion. He also has some pretty hilarious reactions like “feels good man” which is where some of the most popular Pepe memes originate from. Get the look of one of the most popular memes of all-time with this Pepe the Frog costume guide.

If you’re looking to cosplay as this character, you’ll need a few key things in order to get the look down. The first thing you’ll need is a green men’s bodysuit in order to get the base color of the costume. You’ll then need a blue shirt, yellow shorts, a frog mask, and some red paint for his mouth to complete the look of Pepe the Frog.

Pepe the Frog Cosplay Costumes

You may be wondering how you could put together a group cosplay with Pepe the Frog since he seems to be the only character included in the reaction memes. But, an entire group is actually quite easy to put together. Pepe the Frog is part of the Boy’s Club, a comic series created by Matt Furie, and has three original main characters besides Pepe the Frog. You could grab a few friends and have them dress as these characters—Brett, Andy, and Landwolf who are teenage monsters that live and interact with Pepe in his day to day life.

While it may seem a bit difficult to get the look of Pepe the Frog, you’ll be able to with just a bit of creativity and inspiration. We’d love to see your final costume so, send over a few photos of your finished costume to be added to the cosplay gallery! You won’t be the first, or undoubtedly last, to recreate this anthropomorphic frog costume!

About Pepe the Frog

The comic Boy’s Club was originally created in 2005 using Microsoft Paint. Later in 2008, a certain comic that featured Pepe was posted to 4chan and it quickly took off. While Pepe the Frog was mostly known for the “Feels good man” catchphrase, he eventually became known for the opposite reaction of “Feels bad man.” After a few variations of Pepe the Frog Tumblr and Instagram accounts, the /r/pepethefrog subreddit was created on October 25 which featured the anthropomorphic frog meme.

A few notable uses of the frog character was when Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj both featured the frog meme on their social media account. They were initially well received by their fans. One instance where it wasn’t as well received was when Donald Trump used it. Pepe’s creator, Matt Furie, has since publicly expressed his dismay at Pepe the Frog being used as a hate symbol. Pepe’s popularity has quickly grown throughout the world through the internet.

Pepe the Frog

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