How to Dress Like Pennywise

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Pennywise Costume Guide
Pennywise Costume
White Makeup
Pennywise Gloves
Disposable Helium Tank
Balloon Ribbon Spool
Black Clown Shoes
Multi Colored Balloons

Best Pennywise Costume Guide

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, or more popularly known “It” is the main character in the Stephen King horror novel, It. Pennywise is simply the clown disguise It takes on to attract and devour children. He is a creation that came into existence even before the universe was created in a dimension called the “Macroverse.” His real form is an orange light referred to as a “Dead Lights” which if anyone sees will die instantly! Exploit the phobias of others by dressing up like Pennywise with this costume guide.

To cosplay Pennywise, first, you need to wear the Pennywise Costume. Next, put on some White Makeup along with Black Clown Shoes and Pennywise Gloves. Get a hold of some Multi-colored Balloons and a Ribbon Spool. Finally, equip the Disposable Helium Tank so you can blow up a balloon whenever you want one!

Pennywise Cosplay Costumes

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and “It” in general may look unassuming but he has an absolutely terrifying expression and voice. So while you may easily wear the clown costume, pulling off the character (and voice) from one of the scariest horror movies will take some serious skill.

Gather up your friends to create the scariest group cosplay ever. Ask your friends to dress up as their favorite horror movie characters including Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Letterface, Michael Myers, Chucky, or the Nun from The Conjuring. There are many horror movie costumes to choose from. After you’ve created the scariest cosplay group, don’t forget to submit pictures to be displayed in the cosplay gallery. Now go scare as many people as you can!

About Pennywise

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the infamous “It” character from Stephen King’s horror novel by the same name. Pennywise’s clown persona is just a disguise adopted to attract and devour children. It can kill adults just as easily, but since children’s fears are simpler and easier to visualize, Pennywise limits its victims to children only.

It resides in the small town of Derry where it came in as an asteroid during prehistoric times. Pennywise awakes approximately every 30 years and stays awakes for two entire years to devour children. Apparently, terrorizing children makes their meat even more delicious. The most terrifying aspect of his murders is that no crime he commits can is reported because people are completely unaware of its existence.


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