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Best Peg Halloween Costume Guide

Peg from the favorite animated television series, Peg and Cat, is on a mission to solve the problems of the world! Okay, maybe not every problem, but certainly the math problems. Alongside her best friend, Cat, who also happens to be her pet cat, Peg seeks to solve math-related problems. Peg gets so excited about math that during moments of inspiration, she pulls out her ukulele and sings about the problem. Merging the world of math and music, Peg seeks to instill a love of math in young kids everywhere.

Now, you can get the look of the creative mathematical whiz kid with this Peg costume guide. Cosplay Peg’s childlike look by wearing a Green Dress paired with Pink and Purple Striped Tights. Add Red Boots and a Red Beanie, then complete the look with an Orange Wig. To create the full effect, bring along a ukulele, and get ready to sing some songs about math.

Peg Cosplay Costumes

Peg is perhaps one of the greatest friends you could ask for, as she’s always willing to help others any way she can. Of course, she gets so caught up in solving problems that she becomes easily frazzled if a problem proves to be tough to answer. Cosplay Peg’s look from the PBS animated series Peg and Cat with a short orange wig paired with a cute red beanie. Peg often wears a green dress over a pair of pink and purple striped tights, giving her a colorful look that pops! Finally, complete Peg’s unique look with some red boots to add even more color. 

Peg never solves math problems on her own, so bring your friends along while dressed up as some of Peg’s best friends. Make an entrance dressed as Peg’s best friend Cat or Ramone, who comes over to help her when a problem proves to be tough to solve. With costumes this unique, you’ll be trying solving problems all night long.

About Peg

Peg confronts problems optimistically, and she loves discovering new challenges and finding ways to solve them. Of course, she enlists the help of her friends to make the experience more fun and exciting! With her best friend/pet Cat and her friend Ramone, the three can solve any problem that comes their way. Peg admires her friends and their ability to help her, and when she becomes especially inspired by them, she grabs her ukulele and sings to them, combining her love for both music and math. 

Peg is a creative young girl who aims to inspire young children’s curiosity about math and help them develop the skills to solve problems creatively in their own lives. The show even fosters the mathematical theme by presenting the animations as if they were drawn on graph paper, allowing Peg to solve problems by simply writing in the sky!


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