How to Dress Like Pearl

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Peach Hair Dye
Yellow Star Iron On Patch
Large Oval Pearl Cabochons
Sleeveless Tank Top
Yellow Spandex Shorts
2" Tiffany Blue Ribbon
Ballet Flat Shoes
Light Petal Pink Socks
Kirito Turquoise Sword

Best Pearl Costume Guide

One of the most important characters from the Steven Universe series is the Crystal Gem, Pearl. She is thousands of years old and became the trainer of Steven of how to function as a Crystal Gem. Pearl has changed immensely since she first appeared on the show and had become more confident mentally and gained strength physically. She grew from an innocent new Crystal Gem on Earth into a leader of the rebellion against the Gem Homeworld.

Pearl’s outfit has changed over the years, but the current Pearl is seen wearing peach colored hair, a Tiffany Blue Sleeveless Tank Top with a Yellow Star, Yellow Spandex Shorts, a Tiffany Blue Ribbon to match the shirt, and Ballet Flat Shoes with Light Petal Pink Socks to match her hair color. Her constant Pearl gem on her forehead is similar to the Large Oval Pearl Cabochon, and she can always be seen carrying her Kirito Turquoise Sword.

Pearl Cosplay Costumes

Pearl has costume options from her earlier days that you can make in your way. This guide is the easiest way for you to recreate her most current style. With a few items for you to find that you may not already own, you can have Pearl’s look ready for a cosplay convention in no time! Let’s start with the basics.

Pearl has short hair that is a peachy color, so you will want to grab some temporary hair color to match hers. For her outfit, you’ll want a Tiffany Blue sleeveless shirt and a matching ribbon to tie around your waist. An easy item to find is a pair of yellow Spandex shorts that are available almost anywhere if you don’t already have some! Add light pink knee high socks, to match your hair color and Tiffany blue colored ballet flats. Pearl has her signature items that you can’t leave out—the iron-on star to match her shirt, an oval pearl gem to place on your forehead with body adhesive, and Pearl’s spear. Take a look at the picture gallery of other fans who cosplayed Pearl’s look!

Pearl Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the magical and complex world of “Steven Universe” with our costume guide for Pearl, one of the key members of the Crystal Gems. Known for her precision, grace, and dedication to protecting Earth, Pearl’s look is both elegant and iconic, making it a fantastic choice for fans looking to embody her character at cosplay events, comic conventions, or themed gatherings. This guide will help you recreate Pearl’s distinct appearance, capturing her blend of balletic poise and warrior spirit.

Pearl's outfit reflects her graceful and orderly nature. Key components typically include a light blue or turquoise ballet-inspired top, a sheer sash or wrap around her waist, and light blue leggings or tights. She often wears a pink or peach-colored tutu or skirt and has pale yellow, ballet-style flats. Pearl's look is completed with her short, pointed, light orange hair and a pearl forehead gem.

Pearl has a unique hairstyle with a pointed, upward flair at the top. To achieve this look, use a wig styled in a similar fashion or style your own hair with gel to create a point at the top. The hair color should be a light orange or peach tone.

Pearl wears light yellow or pale ballet flats that match the elegant and dance-inspired theme of her outfit. The shoes should be simple and comfortable, complementing her agile and graceful movements.

The most important accessory for a Pearl costume is her forehead gem. This can be recreated using a costume pearl or gemstone, affixed to the forehead with skin-safe adhesive. Additionally, her balletic skirt or tutu adds to her graceful appearance and should be in a soft pink or peach color.

Pearl is known for her wisdom, poise, and sometimes, her worry. Here are some memorable quotes: "We are the Crystal Gems!," "Sometimes, people that are really different can be the best of friends.," "I'm always ready to fight to save the Earth.," "Steven, we can't fight these things forever." and "You do it for him, and you would do it again." These quotes capture Pearl's dedication to her cause, her care for her friends, and her role as a mentor and fighter, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Pearl

Pearl is one of the last surviving Gems who decided to make the bold move of joining with the Crystal Gems. Pearl and the other Crystal Gems are set out to fight against the Gem Homeworld in the rebellion. Pearl is a protecting of Earth and eventually becomes the trainer of Steven Universe for him to learn all about the Gems and how to use his powers.

Pearl is a beautiful Gem with icy blue skin and peachy pink hair—but she has self-esteem issues that are evident to her personality. She’s unsure of herself much of the time but will do whatever it takes to protect her precious Crystal Gems and Earth. As much as she loves Earth and the humans residing there, she hasn’t quite learned basic human characteristics like joking and games. She’s still learning how to adapt to this new world with Steven Universe and the other Crystal Gems.


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