How to Dress Like Paula Polestar

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Paula Polestar Costume Guide
Peter Pan Collar Dress
White Sash
Red Bow
White Socks
Pink Vans
Frying Pan

Best Paula Polestar Halloween Costume Guide

Also known as Mother 2 in Japan, EarthBound is a Japanese role-playing game released in 1994 that follows the adventure of main protagonist Ness. One of the playable characters in EarthBound is Paula Polestar. She is the first to follow Ness on his adventure and also happens to be the only female character on his team. Paula is portrayed in the game as nice but not as strong as other players, especially since her health points and defense are relatively low. However, she’s known to have many great powers and even uses a frying pan as her primary weapon. She’s also regarded as the fastest playable character on the game. Get the look of the sole female Earthbound player with this Paula Polestar costume guide.

To cosplay as Paula, you’ll need a Peter Pan Collar Dress, Red Bow, White Sash, White Socks, Pink Vans, and a Frying Pan to carry around.


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