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Peter Pan Collar Dress
White Sash
Red Bow
White Socks
Pink Vans
Frying Pan

Best Paula Polestar Costume Guide

Also known as Mother 2 in Japan, EarthBound is a Japanese role-playing game released in 1994 that follows the adventure of main protagonist Ness. One of the playable characters in EarthBound is Paula Polestar. She is the first to follow Ness on his adventure and also happens to be the only female character on his team. Paula is portrayed in the game as nice but not as strong as other players, especially since her health points and defense are relatively low. However, she’s known to have many great powers and even uses a frying pan as her primary weapon. She’s also regarded as the fastest playable character on the game. Get the look of the sole female Earthbound player with this Paula Polestar costume guide.

To cosplay as Paula, you’ll need a Peter Pan Collar Dress, Red Bow, White Sash, White Socks, Pink Vans, and a Frying Pan to carry around.

Paula Polestar Cosplay Costumes

Embracing the role of Paula Polestar is about more than just wearing a costume; it’s about stepping into the shoes of a character who embodies courage, friendship, and psychic prowess. Her outfit, with its peter pan collar dress and white sash, reflects her innocence and the light she brings to her adventures with Ness. The red bow is a symbol of her youthful spirit, while the white socks and pink Vans offer a comfortable yet stylish way to navigate through the challenges thrown at her.

Armed with her trusty frying pan, you’re ready to take on any cosmic horror or neighborhood dog that comes your way. This costume is perfect for gaming conventions, Halloween, or any costume party where you want to bring a bit of “EarthBound” magic. Joining forces with friends dressed as Ness, Jeff, and Poo can turn any event into an unforgettable “EarthBound” adventure. As Paula, you’re not just a psychic powerhouse; you’re a symbol of the enduring power of friendship and bravery.

Paula Polestar Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical world of EarthBound with our costume guide FAQ, focusing on the charming and courageous character Paula Polestar. This guide is designed to help you recreate Paula’s iconic outfit, capturing her adventurous spirit and her pivotal role in the game.

Paula Polestar's outfit is both simple and iconic. It consists of a pink dress with a white collar, a blue ribbon in her hair, white socks, and red shoes. Her attire reflects her youthful and spirited personality, making it a popular choice for cosplay.

Paula has short, straight hair with a blue ribbon tied into a bow. To mimic her hairstyle, you can either style your hair to match hers or use a wig. The blue ribbon is a crucial element, so make sure it's prominent.

Paula wears simple, red, flat shoes. Look for a pair of comfortable red flats or Mary Janes that match the color and style of her shoes in the game.

To truly embody Paula Polestar, consider carrying a plushie of her favorite teddy bear or a replica of the "Franklin Badge," both significant items associated with her character in EarthBound.

While Paula is not known for lengthy dialogues, her actions speak volumes about her character. Some ideas to bring your cosplay to life include: Using PSI abilities in pretend battles, Mimicking her prayer ability, a significant move in the game, Recreating her rescue scene from the Happy Happy Village, Posing as if communicating telepathically with Ness and other characters and Pretending to play her role in the battle against Giygas. These actions reflect Paula's psychic powers, her bravery, and her essential role in the team's journey throughout EarthBound.

About Paula Polestar

Paula Polestar shines as the heart of the “EarthBound” team, wielding psychic abilities that prove crucial in the battle against Giygas. As the second character to join Ness, she brings a blend of psychic strength and compassionate spirit to the journey. Her abilities, including telepathy and PSI attacks, make her an indispensable ally. Beyond her powers, Paula’s character represents the importance of inner strength and the impact one individual can have on the world.

Residing in Twoson, where she helps run her family’s Polestar Preschool, Paula’s kidnapping sets the stage for her rescue and subsequent adventures with Ness. Her courage in the face of danger, combined with her unwavering optimism, makes her a beloved character among “EarthBound” fans. Paula Polestar’s role in the game is a testament to the power of friendship, courage, and the belief that love can conquer darkness, making her a memorable and cherished character in the world of video games.

Paula Polestar

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