How to Dress Like Patrick Hockstetter

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Printed Button Down
Wolverine Belt
Black Bracelet
Tank Top
Grey Dark Wash Jeans
Black Boots

Best Patrick Hockstetter Costume Guide

Patrick Hockstetter made an appearance in both the 1990 and 2017 film adaptations of Stephen King’s, It. He tagged along with Henry Bowers in the Bowers Club of bullies. He didn’t last too long after abusing some of the kids from school because the clown lured him into the tunnels and killed him. Patrick still sticks out as an evil character from the film and especially the novel because we learned so much about his twisted mind! Get the look of the bully from It with this Patrick Hockstetter costume guide.

Cosplay Patrick’s bad boy style with a Printed Button Down shirt over a Tank Top and a pair of Grey Wash Jeans. Patrick also wore Black Boots, a Wolverine Belt, and a Black Bracelet to match his dark and twisted personality.

Patrick Hockstetter Cosplay Costumes

Even though Patrick has a temperament that you don’t want, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress as his character for Halloween or cosplay! His look is easy to achieve, and you can start by checking out your own closet! Look to see if you have a basic button down shirt, a tank top, and a pair of jeans to get the basic items for his look. If not, you can find most of these items at a thrift store along with a similar belt, boots, and bracelet. Layer it all to create Patrick’s simple, but mischievous style.

Patrick Hockstetter wouldn’t go anywhere without his cruel other half, so get some of your friends to dress as Henry Bowers, the gang from the Losers Club, and even Pennywise to bring all of the characters to life from It to life! Show off your cosplay from the most popular horror film around!

Patrick Hockstetter Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the eerie world of Stephen King’s “It” with our Patrick Hockstetter costume guide FAQ. This guide is tailored for those looking to portray one of the most unnerving characters from the story, capturing his unsettling aura and distinctive style.

Patrick Hockstetter's outfit is typical of a high school student in the 1980s. It includes a dark-colored T-shirt or a casual button-up shirt, often layered with a light jacket or a denim vest. He wears regular-fit jeans and sneakers. His clothing is nondescript, reflecting his desire to blend in, despite his sinister nature.

Patrick's hairstyle is a typical 80s look: medium length, a bit unkempt or casually styled. Depending on the adaptation, his hair can be styled differently, but it generally has a disheveled look to it. Use hair products to create a slightly messy, carefree style.

For Patrick Hockstetter's costume, opt for sneakers typical of the 1980s era. They should be simple and well-worn, reflecting the style of a typical high school student of that time.

To enhance the costume, you might consider props that reflect Patrick's disturbing character traits, like a fake aerosol can or lighter (Patrick has a fascination with fire in the story). However, ensure that any props used are safe and clearly fake.

While Patrick Hockstetter may not have as many memorable quotes in the "It" novel or films as other characters, focusing on his actions and the way he carries himself can be key. For those looking to speak or act in character, consider adopting a chillingly calm and confident tone. Phrases that evoke a sense of menace or reference his psychopathic tendencies, adapted from Stephen King's portrayal or created to fit his character, can enhance your portrayal. For example, speaking about power, control, or the insignificance of others can reflect Patrick's disturbing worldview.

About Patrick Hockstetter

Patrick Hockstetter is a character from Stephen King’s It, but we don’t learn as much about him in the movie as we did in the novel. Patrick is even more twisted and demented than the bully, Henry Bowers. Unfortunately for Patrick, Pennywise got ahold of him before he could kill any more animals or torture any of the kids in town. Pennywise killed Patrick along with plenty of other children in the town of Derry.

In Patrick’s delusional mind, he imagined that he was the only “real” person to live, and in the novel he even went as far as killing his little brother because he feared he would take his place. Of course, Patrick joined up with Henry in the Bowers Club because only the truly insane were a part of the group. They would torture people and animals for the pleasure of it. He couldn’t beat the monster from Stephen King’s mind, no matter how psychotic he was.

Patrick Hockstetter

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