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Best Patrick Bateman Costume Guide

Patrick Bateman is your typical working-class man. He works on Wall Street and has a love for money, music, and cleanliness. Nothing about him would give you the idea that Patrick could be anything more than a businessman. However, few are aware that he has a darker side. When Patrick Bateman isn’t on Wall Street, he is a psychopathic serial killer. The movie follows the fixation of his materialistic wants and his obsession with others. His intellect is scary when you think of all he is capable of doing.

Bateman is known to have hallucinations, making the whole story seem ambiguous. Was it all part of his imagination? We may never know! To become the creepy Patrick Bateman you will need a Pinstripe Suit, Two-Toned Dress Shirt, Jacquard Necktie, Men’s Oxford Shoe, Two Tones Watch, Clear Raincoat, Fake Blood, and Foam Axe.

Patrick Bateman Cosplay Costumes

Patrick Bateman is known for his greedy nature. He loves the higher things in life and all things materialistic. He’s incredibly vain only caring about his own needs and wants. The higher the quality, the better, so all his clothes have expensive, designer labels. He must look the part of a well-to-do Wall Street man. He’s often called a “yuppie,” meaning a well paid young man, which he probably takes as quite a compliment. 

You will need to press your best suit to pull off this look. You must look like the epitome of a friendly businessman. Though we don’t suggest you have anything to do with his “other” side, you can still get the essence of Bateman’s unnerving character with your look. Have your clothes in perfect condition, but add some fake blood splatter to cause people to take a double-take at the nice young gentleman you appear to be.

Patrick Bateman Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the chilling world of Patrick Bateman with our costume guide FAQ. Embody the sophisticated yet sinister protagonist from “American Psycho” as we answer your questions about recreating his iconic look.

Patrick Bateman's signature look includes a tailored pinstripe suit, a crisp white dress shirt, a red or patterned tie, and polished black dress shoes. To capture his unsettling persona, add a pair of black leather gloves, a clear raincoat, and an axe as a prop.

Opt for a tailored, slim-fit suit in dark colors, preferably with pinstripes. The suit should have a notch lapel, two-button closure, and flat-front trousers. This will help you achieve the polished, high-status appearance Patrick Bateman is known for.

Patrick Bateman sports a slicked-back, short hairstyle. To achieve this look, use hair gel or pomade to create a smooth, glossy finish. Comb your hair back and allow the product to set, keeping your hair in place throughout the event.

To enhance your Patrick Bateman costume, consider carrying a replica axe, a fake blood-splattered business card, or a copy of his favorite music album, "Huey Lewis and The News - Sports." Remember to follow local laws and regulations when using prop weapons and exercise caution at events or parties.

To fully embody the character, focus on maintaining a confident, almost arrogant posture with a charming smile that conceals his darker nature. Practice a detached, emotionless gaze, and speak in a calm, controlled tone. Studying scenes from the movie can help you perfect your portrayal of Patrick Bateman.

About Patrick Bateman

Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman in the horror film American Psycho. He is a stockbroker on Wall Street and is known for his expensive tastes. Most people assume Bateman spends all his time working hard for Pierce & Pierce, but Patrick has a secret life. He hangs out at trendy bars and fancy restaurants where he picks up prostitutes, most of whom turn out to be victims of his horrific acts. 

Patrick has a fixation with people, cleanliness, money, and music. He often hallucinates, which leads him down a darker road. More focused on being a serial killer, he doesn’t care much about his job on Wall Street. He doesn’t see people as people but as objects that are able to be manipulated. He is incredibly rude and vulgar and doesn’t have any friends. What he may think will gain him favor in the eyes of people most likely will do the opposite. 

Patrick Bateman

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