How to Dress Like Parzival (Ready Player One)

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Best Parzival Costume Guide

Parzival is the avatar used by Wade Watts, the main character in Steven Spielberg’s 2018 film Ready Player One, based on the novel by Ernest Cline. Wade is the narrator of the film, as well as the main protagonist, and is portrayed as a video game obsessed young man who doesn’t socialize well. This results in him becoming a bit of loner. He is particularly obsessed with a video game creator named Halliday, who created a virtual reality world called OASIS.

As Parzival, Wade can be the adventurous hero he feels he can never be in real life, which is part of what makes the virtual reality world so important to him. If you’re ready to conquer OASIS as the avatar Parzival, you’ll need a Black T-Shirt, Black Pants, Denim Vest, Extra Life Token, Parzival Waist Bag, Blue Body Paint, White Wig, Ready Player One Key Pack and Blue Converse.

Parzival Cosplay Costumes

Ready Player One was a monster hit for director Steven Spielberg, so if you’re considering cosplaying the awesome character of Parzival, you can bet you’ll be recognized. Parzival is energetic, adventurous and powerful – all the things his real-life player Wade Watts wishes he could be. Since cosplay is all about transforming into someone different, a virtual reality avatar is the perfect choice.

If you’ve got some friends who want to join you, maybe you can get them hooked up with a cool costume for Samantha Cook, Wade Watts or Zhou. Alternatively, how about trying out a whole bunch of other Spielberg characters from Jurassic Park or ET! He’s been responsible for bringing so many wonderful characters to the big screen that you have plenty to choose from. If you dress as Parzival, don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Parzival Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a virtual adventure with our costume guide FAQ for Parzival, the avatar of Wade Watts from the thrilling universe of “Ready Player One.” As the protagonist in a world where reality and digital realms intertwine, Parzival’s outfit captures the essence of his heroic and explorative nature in the OASIS. This guide will help you recreate his distinctive and iconic look, perfect for fans of the novel and film.

Parzival's outfit is a vibrant mix of 1980s pop culture and futuristic style. Essential components include a blue-jean jacket adorned with patches and pins, a graphic t-shirt, and tactical pants. Parzival's ensemble is completed with high-top sneakers and often features a mix of blues and grays. The outfit reflects his unique personality and love for the '80s era.

Parzival's avatar sports a modern, messy hairstyle, typically in a bright blue color. Depending on your hair type, you might use temporary hair dye or a wig to achieve this look. For facial features, focus on a youthful and energetic expression, often with a confident and determined demeanor.

Key accessories for Parzival include VR goggles or a futuristic headset, reflecting his immersion in the OASIS. He's also often seen with a digital gauntlet or glove, an important element for interaction within the virtual world. Replicas of these gadgets can be made from lightweight materials for ease of carrying.

Parzival's costume primarily features a palette of blues, grays, and whites, with occasional pops of other bright colors from the various patches and pins on his jacket. The graphic t-shirt often has a retro or pop-culture-themed design, resonating with the character's love for the '80s.

Portraying Parzival involves capturing his adventurous, intelligent, and resourceful nature. Displaying a sense of wonder and excitement about the OASIS, along with a readiness for virtual challenges, will bring authenticity to your portrayal. Incorporate confident yet approachable mannerisms to reflect his character's journey from a solitary gamer to a heroic figure.

About Parzival

Wade Watts is the narrator and main character of the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One. Fans would be aware the book was adapted into a blockbuster film of the same name in 2018, directed by screen legend Steven Spielberg. Wade is an orphan, having had a troubled upbringing which has left him with no family, no friends, and very few social skills in the real world. Through isolation and loneliness, he turned his hand to video games in order to escape the reality of his life.

In the virtual reality world of OASIS, he uses the avatar of Parzival as he attempts to unlock all the Easter eggs hidden in the game by mysterious creator Halliday. Parzival is named after King Arthur’s knight, Percival, who was the one to finally find the Holy Grail, which is fitting for Wade’s quest to unlock all the secrets of OASIS.


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