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Undertale is a role-playing game that was made solely by Toby Fox. The story is about a human who falls into the Underground, where monsters roam around free. There was a time when humans and monsters lived in harmony, but war broke out and caused a rift between them. The game’s popularity is largely due to the witty dialogue and multiple ways in which players can progress through the game.

One of the favorite characters from the game is Papyrus, a skeleton who must catch a human so he can join the Royal Guard. He may not be the brightest of the bunch, but he’s certainly the coolest. He is definitely charismatic and kind when you get to know him. Become the suavest guard in the Underground dressed as Papyrus when you wear a Papyrus Mask, Shoulder Pads, Black Bodysuit, Red Scarf, Red Gloves, Red Boots, Swim Briefs, and Yellow Tape.

Papyrus Cosplay Costumes

Undertale started with a relatively small fan base, but it quickly grew and has now become incredibly popular. This is one of those games where you can play through so many times and still pick up something new. It has engaging writing, lovable characters, and multiple endings which is the main reason it become so well liked. 

To cosplay as Papyrus you could buy a skeleton bodysuit, or you could paint one yourself—the choice is up to you! It’s a pretty simple cosplay to choose from, as long as you have the eyebrows down and some smooth one-liners practiced.

Why not get some of your friends who also love Undertale to join you to group cosplay! Have them come as other characters like the human, Sans, Alphys, or Undyne. But, if you think you have the best costumes in the Underworld, why not submit some photos to the annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Papyrus Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the whimsical world of “Undertale” with our FAQ guide on dressing up as Papyrus, the lovable and enthusiastic skeleton character. Known for his quirky personality and unique style, this guide will help you accurately recreate Papyrus’s look, perfect for gaming conventions, cosplay events, or themed parties.

Papyrus's outfit is characterized by its cartoonish and skeletal theme. Essential elements include a white skeleton bodysuit to mimic his skeletal appearance, a custom-made blue battle body armor with gold trim and a red scarf. He also wears white gloves and a pair of red boots. Papyrus's large, expressive skull with a wide, toothy grin is a crucial part of his character's design.

To replicate Papyrus's battle body armor, you can use materials like foam or cardboard, painted blue with gold accents. The armor includes a chest plate, shoulder guards, and a waist guard. Don't forget to add a symbol resembling a star on the chest, which is a distinctive feature of his armor.

Papyrus wears red boots, which are simple and cartoonish in style. Any comfortable red boots or shoes can be used, and you can modify them with craft materials to achieve the exaggerated, chunky look typical of his character.

A key accessory for a Papyrus costume is his red scarf, which is long and flows dramatically. Additionally, carrying a prop bone or a plate of his famous 'spaghetti' can add a fun and authentic touch to your costume, referencing his love for cooking.

Incorporating Papyrus's quotes can bring an extra layer of personality to your costume. Some of his memorable quotes include: "NYEH HEH HEH!," "I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WILL STOP YOU!," "YOU'RE BLUE NOW. THAT'S MY ATTACK!," "I CAN ALMOST TASTE MY FUTURE POPULARITY!" and "SPAGHETTI!." These quotes capture Papyrus's over-the-top enthusiasm and his endearing confidence, making them perfect for adding character to your portrayal of this beloved "Undertale" figure.

About Papyrus

Papyrus is a popular character from the video game Undertale. He is a skeleton who lives in the Underground and is the more serious brother of Sans. His dream is to one day become part of the Royal Guard where he will finally get the attention and love that he feels like he deserves. To become a member of the Royal Guard, Papyrus must capture a human. When the time comes to actually do it, he just can’t bring himself to harm the human.

Papyrus is known for being charismatic and confident. He is very resilient and believes in himself, as well as others. Even if he gets told time and time again that he isn’t a good guard, a good cook, or even an overall good skeleton, Papyrus won’t listen. He’ll never stop trying to make his dreams become a reality and will always keep his head held high. Papyrus may just look like a skeleton with high expectations, but he’s kind-hearted underneath it all.


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