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Crew Neck Sweater
Blonde Wig
Peral Necklace
Beige Skirt
Dolphin Oven Mit
White Heels

Best Pam Poovey Costume Guide

Pam Poovey, voiced by Amber Nash, is one of the main characters in the hilarious television show, Archer. She was the Human Resources director at the International Secret Intelligence Service and then later moved on to the Figgis Agency after ISIS was dissolved. She likes to use a dolphin puppet to encourage communication with one another despite the rest of the characters despising the dolphin. Get the look of the office gossip with this Pam Poovey costume guide.

Since she’s the head of Human Resources, Pam tries to keep her outfits conservative for the most part. Wear a Crew Neck Sweater, a Beige Skirt, White Heels, and a classic Pearl Necklace. Pull her look together with a Blonde Wig pulled back and a Dolphin Oven Mit to mimic the dolphin puppet she takes to mediation with the employees. Happy meditating!

Pam Poovey Cosplay Costumes

Pam’s costume is easy to recreate because she really doesn’t have any crazy items that make up her outfit—well, other than that dolphin puppet. Dig around in your own closet to find a crew neck sweater, a beige skirt, and a pair of white heels, but a thrift store should have all of those items if you don’t have them! Compliment the clothes with a pearl necklace along with a blonde wig. Take our word for it and look online for a dolphin oven mitt, unless for some reason you already own one of those!

Grab all of your funky friends to dress as Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, Cyril Figgis, and Malory Archer to bring the ISIS crew back together again and make up a group costume! Don’t forget to send a picture of your costume to be featured in the costume gallery!

Pam Poovey Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the world of espionage and comedy with our Pam Poovey costume guide FAQ, inspired by the bold and unapologetic character from the animated series “Archer.” This guide will help you capture the essence of Pam’s unique and vibrant personality, perfect for fans looking to bring to life one of the show’s most memorable characters.

Pam Poovey's signature look is quite distinctive and straightforward. Her outfit typically includes a light blue short-sleeve, button-up shirt with a white collar and a pair of dark green or brown slacks. Pam is also known for her white sneakers and large, frameless glasses. Her blonde hair is often styled in a messy updo, and she usually sports a pair of pearl earrings.

To replicate Pam's hairstyle, if you have blonde hair, style it in a messy bun or updo. If your hair is a different color, or you want a more precise match, consider using a blonde wig. Don't forget to include her signature pearl earrings for an authentic touch.

Look for a light blue, short-sleeve button-up shirt with a white collar – this is a key element of Pam's look. Pair the shirt with dark green or brown slacks, which should be simple and comfortable. The outfit reflects Pam's no-nonsense, practical approach to her HR responsibilities at ISIS.

To complete the Pam Poovey costume, add a pair of large, frameless glasses, which are a staple of her character. You can also include a dolphin puppet, referencing one of Pam's beloved accessories from the series. Additionally, carrying an "HR" folder or badge can be a fun nod to her role in the series.

Including quotes from Pam Poovey will add an authentic and humorous touch to your costume. Some memorable quotes are: "Sploosh!," "Holy shitsnacks!," "I swear to God, you could drown a toddler in my panties right now.," "I'm your Huckleberry." and "Guess what. Turns out I got a talent for this sort of... cloak and dagger stuff." These quotes capture Pam's brash, unfiltered, and often comedic personality, making them perfect for engaging with others while in character.

About Pam Poovey

Pamela “Pam” Poovey from the FX show, Archer, is an interesting character. She’s someone that you think you have all figured out because she’s a simple person who is head of the Human Resources department. Well, she will shock in more ways than one! For instance, she has 13 tally marks tattooed on her back. We can only assume it refers to the number of people she’s killed fighting during her college days.

When the ISIS agency dissolved, the entire office decided to give drug dealing a go. Unfortunately, Pam quickly developed an addiction to coke. Thankfully she moved on to the Figgis Agency with Archer and the rest of the crew. Even though she considers herself good at her job, Pam is often seen gossiping in the office, drinking on the job, or trying to sleep with her co-workers. Take my word for it, you don’t want to follow in her footsteps if this is the career path you’re taking (or any other career path, actually).

Pam Poovey

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