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Padme Amidala Costume Guide
White Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Tactical Belt
Padme's Gun
Creme Blanket
Knee High Boots

Best Padme Amidala Halloween Costume Guide

Yet another stellar character from the Star Wars movie franchise, Padme Amidala is a force to be reckoned with as Queen and eventually Senator of Naboo. If you’re looking for a simple character to cosplay, Padme should definitely be considered. Following this quick and easy costume guide, you’ll be ready to dodge assassins in no time.

The cosplay kit begins with a White Long Sleeve Bodysuit to be belted with a Tactical Belt. Chose a pair of sleek Knee High Boots and a Creme Blanket for her cloak. You should also accessorized with an authentic Padme’s Gun.

Padme Amidala Cosplay Costumes

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and are looking for a simple cosplay for your next convention, Padme Amidala would make a fabulous choice. Unlike her look during her time as Queen of Naboo, her fugitive outfit is far easier to pull off. A full, fitted bodysuit is an option but you could always go for a pair of white leggings paired with a cropped white shirt. You can choose full-length knee boots or you could just as easily wear any kind of footwear, provided they’re white in color.

Her cloak can be mirrored with either a throw blanket or a length of material purchased in any fabric section. Accessorize with a tactical belt and gun which can both be purchased with little fuss, online. The group cosplay options from Star Wars are endless, with an entire franchise full of characters to choose from, you can add anyone from Obi-Wan to secret husband, Anakin Skywalker. Make sure you check out the featured pics for more ideas!

About Padme Amidala

Natural born leader Padme Amidala has taken her role as the voice of her people, seriously from the time she was a child. Well loved among her servants as well as citizens, she is passionate and genuinely cares for the growth and well-being of her nation. An inspirational orator she believes in democracy and for equality among the classes. Holding the title of queen, senator, and eventually rebel, Padma has the ability to bring people together to share her vision for the future.

Despite multiple assassination attempts, she speaks against violence and fights for the right to peaceful negotiations for the good of all. Forsaking personal desire for the good of her people, fans quietly cheered her decision to marry Anakin Skywalker in secret. Of course, it took her being near death to admit her feelings for him. Losing her life after the birth of twins Luke and Leia, with her dying breath she still voices her belief in Anakin’s inner goodness.

Padme Amidala

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