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Pacifica Northwest Costume Guide
Pacifica Northwest
Matte Eyeshadow
Solid Color Knit Blazer
Women's 60's Mod Wig
Women's Leather Belt
Women Gold Plated Round Hoop Earrings
UGG Women's Winter Boot
Acrylic Paint
Women's Blackout Tights

Best Pacifica Northwest Halloween Costume Guide

Villains are always fun to cosplay, none more so than Pacifica Northwest from the Disney animated series, Gravity Falls. As a rival of Mabel Pines, Pacifica’s personality tends to clash with Mabel’s. Follow this costume guide to find out how to pull off the style of the most popular girl in Gravity Falls.

Begin Pacifica’s look with a Women’s Sleeve Dress belted with a Women’s Leather Belt and layered with a Solid Color Knit Blazer. Pair the outfit with Women’s Blackout Tights and a comfy pair of UGG Women’s Winter Boots. Add to Pacifica’s costume with Matte Eyeshadow for her make-up. Then accent her 60’s Mod Wig with Acrylic Paint to emulate her retro hairstyle. Then, cap off the cosplay with a pair of Gold Round Hoop Earrings.

Pacifica Northwest Cosplay Costumes

If you’re a fan of purple and a textbook mean girl, then Pacifica Northwest from the Disney series, Gravity Falls, has a retro look to cosplay. You can pick up most of her outfit at a costume shop or local thrift store including a pair of purple hoop earrings. For the first-half of the cosplay, dress in a basic purple dress coupled with a cardigan, black tights, and UGG boots. To match Pacifica’s makeup, add a couple of swipes of purple eye shadow and a good layer of mascara.

Pacifica’s hair has a distinct 60’s vibe to it. If you don’t have blonde hair, a wig with the same style can be ordered online or purchased at a costume shop. For group cosplay, you can add characters like Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, or even Candy Chiu and Grenda. Make sure you check out the featured cosplay pics for more costume ideas. Send in your pics to show us your best Pacifica Northwest look!

About Pacifica Northwest

Pacifica Northwest is the most popular girl in Gravity Falls. She can trace her roots back to the town’s founder, Nathaniel Northwest, and doesn’t let anyone forget it. She is a stereotypical rich girl who looks down her nose on everyone. She’s arrogant and petty which hides her deep insecurity. Pacifica is often mean and rude on the show Gravity Falls, taking pride in hurting other’s feelings. But like anyone else, there’s a reason why she’s the way she is.

Pacifica’s parents have impossibly high standards and expectations. They expect her to further the family name at any cost, even if it means committing crimes or taking advantage of others. They come from a long line of entitled snobs and push their daughter to be the same way. Encouraged by Dipper Pines to take a stand, Pacifica eventually disobeys her parents and has a change of heart. She eventually befriends the common folk and shows that she can live according to her moral code.

Pacifica Northwest

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