How to Dress Like Owen Grady

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Blue Heron Long-Sleeve Shirt
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Best Owen Grady Costume Guide

Owen Grady is a dinosaur researcher and velociraptor trainer played by Chris Pratt in the blockbuster movie Jurassic World. Match Grady’s rugged look from Jurassic World with a nearly identical costume. Dress up in a Tamiami II Long-Sleeve Shirt, Genuine Leather Vest, Sand-Washed Straight-Fit Chinos, Dacey Belt, and Earthkeepers Rugged Boots. Outfit with the essential accessories like a Military Series Watch Black, Acoustic Earpiece, and X2 Dc Air Rifle.

Owen Grady Cosplay Costumes

Get the look of Jurassic World’s most heroic trainer Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt)! Hired to study the behaviors of velociraptors, at the newly opened Jurassic World, Owen becomes key to saving the Island’s remaining survivors when a genetically modified T-Rex hybrid (I. Rex) escapes from its enclosure. Partnered with Claire Dearing ( played by Bryce Dallas Howard), the two scour the island for a way to restore order and get everyone back to safety. Fighting through their romantic tension and Claire’s high heels, the team uses their skills to outsmart the I. Rex and save the day. Owen’s clothing is just as rough and rugged as his stunts in the film. His look consists of work boots, dark chinos, and of course, a leather vest. Top it off with an undying love for velociraptors, and you’re on your way to being the next alpha.

Owen Grady Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of dinosaurs and adventure with our Owen Grady costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from “Jurassic World.” Ideal for fans looking to embody Owen’s bravery, expertise in velociraptor behavior, and no-nonsense attitude, this guide will help you recreate his functional and outdoorsy look, complete with the essential vest and rugged demeanor.

Owen Grady's outfit is designed for practicality and movement, perfect for his role as a dinosaur handler and trainer. Essential components include a dark gray or navy blue Henley shirt, a brown leather or canvas utility vest with multiple pockets, and dark jeans or cargo pants. Owen wears sturdy brown boots suitable for rough terrain. His look is completed with a rugged wristwatch and a simple brown leather belt. Owen's hair is short and practical, and he often sports stubble.

To create Owen's look, find a brown leather or canvas utility vest with pockets, which can be sourced from outdoor or military surplus stores. The vest is key for Owen's active role in the park. Wear a dark Henley shirt underneath the vest. For the rugged style, choose jeans or cargo pants that are durable and comfortable for movement.

Owen wears practical, durable brown boots. For accessories, a rugged wristwatch is essential to his character. You might also include a prop walkie-talkie or a dinosaur action figure to enhance the theme of dinosaur training and park management.

To fully capture Owen Grady's character, focus on his confident and assertive body language. He's known for his calm demeanor in the face of danger and his ability to handle stressful situations. Adopting a confident posture and a serious expression will enhance the authenticity of your costume.

Including some of Owen's quotes can make your costume portrayal more engaging: "Velociraptor is a pack hunter, you see, he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today.," "You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.," "It's not about control, it's a relationship. Based on respect.," "I was with the Navy, not the Navajo." and "These animals are thinking, 'I gotta eat.' 'I gotta hunt.' 'I gotta...' You gotta be able to relate to at least one of those things." These quotes capture Owen's deep understanding of dinosaurs, his skepticism about the park's management, and his pragmatic approach to dealing with the creatures.

About Owen Grady

Owen Grady is a former member of the U.S Navy, who is hired by InGen (the security force used to secure Jurassic World) to research the behaviors of the velociraptor. After several years of research, Owen uncovers the many complexities of velociraptor behavior, and even manages to establish himself as the alpha and pack leader of 4 velociraptors (Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo). For Owen, these dinosaurs become more than an attraction, as he bonds with them like they are his family. While accompanying Claire Dearing on a security check of the enclosure for the island’s next big attraction, Owen mistakenly sets the I. Rex free when he is tricked (by claw marks made by the I. Rex) into thinking it has escaped. Although Owen is only able to save (and release) one of his raptors, he builds new relationships with Claire’s nephews and rekindles their once lost love.

Owen Grady

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