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Otis Milburn is an awkward teenager in the show Sex Education. He’s sixteen years old and is pretty shy around most people. Being the child of sex and relationship therapists has rubbed off on him and he’s able to give his classmates advice. Though he doesn’t really have any experience himself, he somehow manages to be great at helping others. So he decides to open a sex clinic with his friend Maeve for students at Moordale Secondary.

Otis is played by Asa Butterfield and is known for being socially awkward. However, he’s pretty good at hiding his awkwardness when he’s giving advice to others. Having originally helped the high school bully, people are eager to turn to him for help. He’s easy to talk to and can be trusted with almost all secrets. For the awkward teen look that Otis Milburn has, you’ll need to get an Otis Milburn Jacket, Striped T-Shirt, Men’s Jeans, Hiking Boot and Sport Helmet.

Otis Milburn Cosplay Costumes

Sex Education became popular on Netflix and was applauded for its realistic and wise stance on the topic. The show could have easily used the usual teen tropes and followed the same pattern as some others, but instead it is seen as a refreshing take on the teenager world. 

Otis’ outfits are memorable throughout the show for their stripes and fun colours. It’s one of those sneaky cosplays where you can look like you’re wearing everyday clothes, but you’ll actually be in costume! People who get the reference will give you a nod or a wave while everyone else will be none the wiser. See how many people start coming up to you for advice!

We would love to see how this costume works out, so send in some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest! Who knows, maybe you are a great therapist, just like Otis.

Otis Milburn Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the quirky and heartfelt world of “Sex Education” with our costume guide FAQ for Otis Milburn, the thoughtful and awkward protagonist. Known for his unique and relatable style, Otis’ look is a blend of retro and casual, reflecting his endearing personality. This guide will help you capture the essence of Otis, perfect for fans who wish to embody this beloved character.

Otis' style is quite distinctive yet relatable. He often wears vintage or retro-inspired shirts, often button-ups with unique prints or patterns. Pair these with classic blue jeans and occasionally a casual blazer. Otis is also seen in simple, solid-colored T-shirts. Footwear is generally basic, like sneakers or casual shoes.

Otis has a somewhat messy, curly hairdo that adds to his boyish charm. If your hair isn't naturally curly, consider using a curl-enhancing product or a wig with similar texture. Otis also wears round, thin-framed glasses, which are essential to achieving his look. You can find similar style glasses easily, often as fashion frames without prescription lenses.

Otis doesn't typically sport many accessories, but his messenger bag is a constant in his look. It's a practical, vintage-style bag, often in a neutral color like brown or gray. This accessory is functional and adds to the schoolboy aspect of his character.

Otis is often seen wearing a casual blazer, which seems a bit oversized, in line with his somewhat awkward and unpolished style. Opt for a blazer that's slightly loose, in a basic color like navy or gray. This adds a layer of sophistication to his otherwise casual ensemble.

To bring more authenticity to your Otis Milburn costume, consider these character traits and quotes: His thoughtful and sometimes overly analytical demeanor, His tendency to be awkward yet endearing in social situations, "I'm not good at this. This whole being a teenager thing.," "Sometimes the people we like don't like us back. It's painful, but there's nothing we can do about it.," and His approach to giving heartfelt, albeit sometimes clumsy, advice. These elements capture Otis' essence, making your portrayal more accurate and engaging.

About Otis Milburn

Sex Education is a show starring Asa Butterfield as the quirky and awkward 16 year old Otis Milburn. The show follows Otis, a son of two sex and relationship therapists. When he was younger, he accidentally saw his father cheating with one of his clients. Otis didn’t really understand what was going on and so he told his mum. His mum separated from her husband, but made sure to explain to her son the good and bad about sex. This dump of information gave him un-diagnosed symptoms of PTSD as a teenager.

Otis didn’t think he’d really been listening to his mum when she gave people advice, but it turns out he had. He helped out Adam Groff, the school bully, with relationship problems which gave Maeve the idea of having Otis open his own clinic. He may not have any experience himself, but his advice is so good that his classmates keep coming to him for help.

Otis Milburn

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