How to Dress Like Opal

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MapofBeauty Long White Wig
Wander Agio Long Yellow Scarf
3 Piece Flat Back Gem Stone
Oops Outlet Green Double Split Cutout Maxi Dress
Purple Liquid Latex Body Paint
Nerf Purple/Teal Rebelle Agent Bow
Baleaf Purple Yoga Capris
Funtasma Yellow Go Go Boot

Best Opal Costume Guide

Opal is the perfect fusion of Amethyst and Pearl, the two Crystal Gems from the show Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. Both of the gems that appear on their chests individually are pronounced next to one another on Opal’s chest. This shows their union and that they can be compatible even though they sometimes struggle to agree. Amethyst and Pearl have to work together to keep their Opal form fused together.

Get Opal’s look with a Long White Wig, the Green Double Split Maxi Dress, Purple Yoga Capris, Funtasma Yellow Boots, a Long Yellow Scarf, and Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow. The 3-Piece Flat Back Gemstone and Purple Latex Body Paint will help you achieve Opal’s periwinkle color straight from the show.

Opal Cosplay Costumes

Opal from Steven Universe is an interesting character because she is the fusion of two pre-existing characters on the show. They can be Amethyst and Pearl when separated, or they become Opal when they combine their appearances and powers into one. Dressing as Opal for cosplay is a fun and challenging costume idea. This cosplay guide makes it simple for you as all of the necessary articles to recreate Opal’s costume are available!

Opal’s appearance is extremely important because it represents both Amethyst and Pearl. Without one of the other, the fusion would not be possible. You can see Pearl’s pointy nose and Amethyst’s plump lips. Opal is also very tall which makes her intimidating to others. Her appearance is characterized by her long white hair that goes down to her calves, a long dress with purple leggings, yellow boots, and a matching yellow scarf. Opal also carries a bow and arrow.

Opal Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant and magical world of “Steven Universe” with our detailed costume guide FAQ centered on Opal, the fusion of Amethyst and Pearl. Opal’s ethereal and graceful appearance is a fan favorite, and we’re here to help you capture her essence perfectly in your cosplay endeavors. Let’s explore the key elements to recreate Opal’s iconic look from the series.

Opal's costume is a beautiful blend of Amethyst's and Pearl's styles. It features a sleeveless, ankle-length tunic with a lavender top and a pale skirt. The tunic has a star cut-out on the chest and is cinched at the waist with a sash. She also wears light pink leggings and ballet-like slippers. Remember, Opal's outfit is all about grace and fluidity.

Opal has long, flowing white hair with a light purple tint. To recreate this, you can either dye your hair or opt for a wig. If using a wig, look for one that is long, wavy, and voluminous to capture her look accurately. You might need to style the wig slightly to get the perfect shape and flow.

Opal's makeup should be ethereal and light. Use a pale foundation for a smooth, even complexion. Her eyes are a prominent feature, so use eyeliner to create large, expressive eyes, and don't forget to add a hint of purple eyeshadow. A soft pink lip color will complete the look.

Opal's look is relatively minimalist in terms of accessories. However, her gemstones are essential - a purple one on the chest and a pearl on the forehead. These can be recreated using body-safe adhesive gems or face paint. Also, her long, elegant white bow, which doubles as her weapon, is a significant part of her character design.

Embodying Opal's personality is key to a successful cosplay. She is calm, composed, and speaks in a soft, harmonious tone. You can use quotes like, "All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman," or "We need to synchronize." Actions like gracefully moving or posing as if readying her bow can also add authenticity to your portrayal. These elements will capture Opal's serene yet powerful aura.

About Opal

Opal is a magical creature from the show Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. The show revolves around mystical creatures called Crystal Gems. The Gems are fairy-like and protect the world from evil doers. The four Crystal Gems include Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. Opal is the magical formation of the combination of Amethyst and Pearl. Though Amethyst and Pearl sometimes struggle with their abilities and confidence, when they are fused together all of that disappears and they become a strong union.

Opal is the combination of Amethyst’s strength and Pearl’s determination and grace. In this fusion, you can see parts of the two Crystal Gems very pronounced such as Pearl’s pointed nose and Amethyst’s plump lips. If they begin to have the slightest disagreement, the fusion will be torn apart and will no longer be one as Opal. Amethyst and Pearl both have the desire to protect the world from Homeworld Gems, but it is often a struggle.


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