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Knit Turtleneck
Straight-Fit Pant
Unisex Belly Stuffer
Oxfords Dress Shoes
Leather Dress Belt
Clear Lens Glasses
Clown Wig

Best Ongo Gablogian Costume Guide

Ongo Gablogian, the white-haired art collector with an incomprehensible accent, is the alter ego of Frank Reynolds, played by actor Danny DeVito. On the popular FX show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Ongo bursts on the scene to play the part of an eclectic art collector. He must convince the gallery owner to come to Paddy’s for an art opening. While he promised Mac to be subtle, Frank can’t help himself as he gushes over the gallery’s air conditioner! Get the look of Frank Reynolds’ hilarious disguise with this Ongo Gablogian costume guide.

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up in this funny costume worn by Danny DeVito. Cosplay the art collector, Ongo Gablogian, by wearing a Knit Turtleneck, Straight-Fit Pants, Unisex Belly Stuffer, Oxfords Dress Shoes, Leather Dress Belt, Clear Lens Glasses, and Clown Wig.

Ongo Gablogian Cosplay Costumes

The hilarious FX show follows “The Gang,” a group of self-centered friends that run the Irish bar Paddy’s Pub located in South Philadelphia. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia documents the deliberately dishonest and egotistical of “The Gang” who often hatch devious schemes conspiring against each other. The characters are dead honest even in their dishonesty! One hilarious example is Frank Reynolds impersonating Ongo Gablogian, a famed art collector. The short clip is one of the shows most memorable. Cosplay the eclectic collector with an all-white clown wig, all black clothes, and a belly stuffer to get the physique of Danny DeVito.

If you’re a fan of the FX show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, then Ongo Gablogian isn’t the only option for cosplay. Dress up like other hilarious costumes on the show like Frank Reynold’s “Man-Spider” costume, Charlie Kelly’s Nightman Cometh costume, or Mac’s Nightman costume.

Ongo Gablogian Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and eccentric art world of Ongo Gablogian, the alter ego of Frank Reynolds from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Embrace the outlandish and satirical persona of this self-proclaimed art aficionado as we answer your key questions about replicating Ongo’s flamboyant and exaggerated artist look.

Ongo Gablogian's outfit is a parody of an extravagant artist. Essential components include a long, white or light-colored wig that's wild and unkempt, a thick, white faux fur coat, and round, tinted sunglasses. Underneath the coat, wear something simple yet stylish, like a black turtleneck and dark pants. The overall look is flamboyant and over-the-top, reflecting the character's eccentric and humorous nature.

To replicate Ongo's look, find a long, white wig that you can style to look wild and unkempt, resembling an untidy, aged rocker. For the sunglasses, look for large, round frames with tinted lenses. The glasses add to the character's outlandish and mysterious aura.

Ongo Gablogian's most iconic piece is his thick, white faux fur coat. The coat should be oversized, adding to the exaggerated and flamboyant style of the character. If a white fur coat is not available, any light-colored, fluffy, and ostentatious coat could work as a substitute.

While Ongo's look is fairly simple in terms of accessories, carrying an extravagant cane or a mock-up of an absurdly abstract piece of art can enhance the costume. These props play into the character's over-the-top artist persona and add a comedic element.

Incorporating Ongo Gablogian's quotes will add depth to your portrayal. Some of his iconic lines include: "I'm an art collector of sorts.," "Ongo Gablogian, the art collector.," "I'm very eccentric and weird.," "Ah, yes, this piece speaks to me." and "I don't pay for art. I just take it." These quotes capture Ongo Gablogian's pretentious and exaggerated persona as an art aficionado, making them ideal for adding character to your costume.

About Ongo Gablogian

Frank Reynolds, played by Danny DeVito, is the legal father of twins Dennis and Sweet Dee on the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Once a successful businessman with considerable financial resources, he now lives in a decrepit old apartment. He’s a master manipulator that often takes lead in the group’s schemes. As a compulsive gambler and cocaine addict, he’s still not the most upstanding citizen though he left his past of illegal business operations.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a hilarious sitcom that premiered on FX on August 4, 2005. Together, a group of friends known as “The Gang” co-own an Irish bar, Paddy’s Pub, in South Philadephia. The show actually began as a simple short film idea that co-creators Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton were toying around with. Following its renewal for a 13th and 14th season, the series is now tied for the longest running live-action sitcom in American TV history.

Ongo Gablogian

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