How to Dress Like Omega from Fortnite

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Omega Costume Guide
Metallic Bodysuit
Motorcycle Jacket
Shin Guard
Omega Mask
Outdoor Gloves
Toy Scar
Combat Boots

Best Omega Halloween Costume Guide

In the Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale, your character is always pretty much the same, but you have the option to dress your player in a huge variety of cool skins which completely change their appearance. Omega falls in the Legendary category of rarity and is part of its own Omega set. Unlike more basic skins, Omega is known as Progressive, meaning you can gain details and features as you meet certain criteria in the game. Customize your accent lights with this Omega from Fortnite costume guide.

With Omega, you can gain chest plates, leg armor, tough looking arm shields, and even a super cool cyber style mask. With the tagline of “There can be only one,” Omega is one of the most popular skins found in Fortnite. If you want to capture the look of the Fortnite skin Omega, you’ll need an Omega Mask, Metallic Bodysuit, Motorcycle Jacket, Shin Guard, Outdoor Gloves, Combat Boots, and a Toy Scar.

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