How to Dress Like Olivia

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Olivia (Sun and Moon) Costume Guide
Black Curly Wig
Assorted Leather Chokers
Turquoise/Purple Bangles
Pokemon Z Ring
Pink Halter Top
Leather Strips
Purple Beaded Necklace
Purple Shorts
Teal Nail Polish
Pink Rhinestone Necklace
Blush Stacked Heel Sandal
Stufful Plush Toy
Ultra Ball

Best Olivia (Sun and Moon) Costume Guide

When you think of Pokemon characters you don’t automatically assume they are beautiful people. Well, Olivia will change your mind about that! She’s beautiful and a strong trainer too. Just because a woman is single doesn’t mean she can’t be fierce! This is one trainer we love to watch in action because she doesn’t play around when it comes to her rock type Pokemon.

Dress like Olivia with a Black Curly Wig, Assorted Leather Chokers, Turquoise/Purple Bangles, a Pokemon Z Ring, a Pink Halter Top, Leather Strips, a Purple Beaded Necklace, Purple Shorts, Teal Nail Polish, a Pink Rhinestone Necklace, Blush Stacked Heels Sandals, Stufful Plush Toy, and and an Ultra Ball. She doesn’t lack from accessories!

Olivia (Sun and Moon) Cosplay Costumes

Sometimes it’s more fun to find a character with a lot of pieces that go into their costume when choosing your cosplay outfit. Olivia from Pokemon likes as many accessories possible, so her costume is super fun to recreate! All you need to do is find these pieces we already have picked out for you and combine them all together! Easy enough, right? Let’s get started!

First you will want a short black wig, a pink halter top shirt, and short purple shorts. For your shoes, grab a pair of blush colored stacked sandals. Now for the fun part- all of the accessories! First put some leather chokers around on your neck and then add a pink rhinestone necklace and a purple beaded necklace. For your bracelets you will want some purple and teal bangles. Add a Pokemon Z ring, leather straps around one thigh, and more leather straps around your ankles. Find some purple and teal fabric to throw around your ankles as well. The last pieces you will need is some teal nail polish, a Stufful plush doll, and an Ultra Ball to carry around. We would love to see a picture of your completed costume and if you need any more Olivia ideas, check out our photo gallery!

About Olivia (Sun and Moon)

Of all the Pokemon trainers in the world, each one tends to specialize in their strongest category. Olivia is a trainer who specializes in rock type Pokemon. She is a beautiful character, but is known for being single. Her attitude, actions, and almost everything else about her revolves around the fact that she is single. Since she focuses on that part about herself, she isn’t the most confident person in the series even though she should be very confident in her personality and appearance.

While she’s not the most confident character, Olivia is an extremely strong trainer. She knows everything there is to know about the rock types. She even keeps her Nosepass in an Ultra Ball because she favors it. In the game of Pokemon, Olivia meets you at the docks of Akala Island because she is the Kahuna, or leader, of the island. Later she becomes a member of the Elite Four which goes to show how strong of a trainer she really is.

Olivia (Sun and Moon)

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