How to Dress Like Old School Dwayne

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Turtle Neck Shirt
Brown Fanny Pack
Silver Chain Necklace
White Sneakers
Blue Jeans
Black Belt
Silver Chain Bracelet

Best Old School Dwayne Costume Guide

Sometimes, even the celebrities we look to today for our cues on fashion have had a slip-up in years gone by. Much like the hilarious picture of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson which found its way circulating the internet. Unlike some celebrities who may shy away from the fashion sins of their past, Dwayne gladly got in on the fun with this one – he was even the one who released it!

Quickly becoming known as Old School Dwayne, this picture of the wrestling and big-screen superstar posing with his snappy turtleneck sweater tucked into his blue jeans, complete with fanny pack, silver chain necklace and a flat-top hairstyle is probably one of the best things you’ll ever see.

If you want to dress as heinously as Dwayne Johnson did in his pre-Rock years, you will need a Turtleneck Shirt, Brown Fanny Pack, Silver Chain Necklace, White Sneakers, Blue Jeans, Black Belt and Silver Chain Bracelet. Yep – we’re serious!

Old School Dwayne Cosplay Costumes

Super cool movie stars have always been that way, right? They just went through high school being wildly popular, always having the best fashion sense and coolest cars. We’re sure of it. Hang on. Are you telling me some celebrities have some embarrassing fashion periods in their history? Sure, maybe some of them, but not the big action stars like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

What? Dwayne Johnson used to dress in turtleneck sweaters and wear a fanny pack? Nah, get out of here!

If you’re heading out to any kind of dress-up party, this one is sure to get huge laughs and people will be talking about it for months to follow! Dwayne wasn’t shy about sharing his love for the turtleneck, and neither should you be – make sure you send us some photos of your Old School Dwayne dress-up efforts.

Old School Dwayne Costume Tips & FAQs

Capture the iconic and nostalgic flair of Old School Dwayne Johnson, a persona that harkens back to his early days in the spotlight. Known for his distinct style that combines a blend of ’90s fashion with a touch of flamboyance, this look offers a fun and memorable cosplay opportunity. Our guide is designed to help you recreate this unforgettable outfit, embodying the charismatic and larger-than-life personality of Dwayne Johnson during this era.

Old School Dwayne Johnson's outfit is famously unique and has become a popular throwback image. The key elements include a black turtleneck sweater, a silver chain necklace, and light blue jeans with a black leather belt. The centerpiece of this look is a black fanny pack worn around the waist. This ensemble captures the essence of '90s fashion and Dwayne Johnson's early public persona.

During this phase, Dwayne Johnson sported a clean-shaven head, which is one of his most recognizable features. If you're not bald, a bald cap can effectively replicate this look. He also had a thin, neatly trimmed goatee, which you should mimic with makeup or a fake goatee if you're unable to grow one.

Dwayne Johnson's footwear in this iconic look isn't prominently featured, but a pair of classic black or white sneakers would complement the outfit well. Choose a style that aligns with the '90s aesthetic — something simple and not too modern.

The most essential accessory for this look is the black fanny pack, which should be worn around the waist. Additionally, the silver chain necklace is a key component. These accessories are vital to capturing the unique and now-iconic style of Old School Dwayne Johnson.

To embody Old School Dwayne Johnson, adopt confident and charismatic poses. He's known for his charming smile and raised eyebrow (the "People's Eyebrow"). Strike a pose with one hand casually placed in your jean pocket and the other resting on your fanny pack. Exuding confidence and a playful attitude will bring your portrayal to life.

About Old School Dwayne

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson needs no introduction. One of cinema’s favorite leading men and biggest action stars, he cut his teeth as a hugely popular wrestler before moving to the big screen. Johnson was a handy college football player, but made the switch to wrestling, debuting in 1996 in the WWF as Rocky Maiva. After a while, he ditched the full stage name and began referring to himself as The Rock – from which point his star began to rise.

Although his character was somewhat of a villain, he remained a popular character on the WWF/WWE until around 2003 when he stepped out of the ring to focus on a Hollywood career – still occasionally reprising his The Rock character to the delight of his fans.

As an actor, he has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable action stars, featuring in blockbuster films such as Moana, Rampage, Skyscraper, San Andreas, and the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Old School Dwayne

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