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The Mighty Boosh is a popular comedy troupe that featured comedians in a television show, radio series and even several stage performances. Starting in the late 90s and continuing until 2013, the troupe has had a large following for its crazy antics and hilarious characters. One of the most popular characters from the show is Old Gregg, who is portrayed by comedian Noel Fielding

Old Gregg is known for his lack of species and intriguing interests. He lives in a cave, known as Gregg’s Place, at the bottom of the Black Lake and tries to keep himself entertained with watercolors. His manners may not be perfect, but all he really wants is a friend to hang out with. To get the look of the semi-aquatic loner Old Gregg with a Black Shirt, Green Tie, Green Blazer, Red Tutu, Green Leggings, White Boots, Costume Wig and Green Body Paint.

Old Gregg Cosplay Costumes

Old Gregg was played by Noel Fielding, originally creating him as a one-off character for the TV show, but also taking him to the stage in 2006. There are many rumors over Old Gregg’s species and gender, but not a whole lot has been confirmed. Some say he’s half man half fish, while others say he’s more man than fish. Either way, this outfit is great for Cosplayers who really want to go all out with their costume.

Old Gregg isn’t the best at being around a lot of people, so you should probably call up a few friends to come along. Get them to come as other characters like Vince Noir, Bob Fossil, Naboo or Old Gregg’s love, Howard Moon. If you think your costumes are the best in the village, don’t forget to submit a photo to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Old Gregg Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the quirky and surreal world of “The Mighty Boosh” with our Old Gregg costume guide FAQ. Old Gregg, an iconic and bizarre character from the show, is known for his unique and eccentric appearance, blending aquatic and human traits. This guide aims to help you capture the essence of Old Gregg, addressing all your questions about replicating his memorable look for your next costume party or cosplay event.

Old Gregg's costume is distinctive and unmistakable. It includes a shiny, green, scale-like jacket, a black, curly wig, and a face painted to look pale and slightly green, with bright red lips. The most unique aspect is the tutu-like bottom, representing his merman-like lower half. The overall look is a mix of glam rock and aquatic creature.

For Old Gregg's makeup, use pale green face paint to achieve his aquatic complexion. Accentuate your lips with bright red lipstick and add subtle dark circles around your eyes for a slightly eerie effect. The hair should be a wild, black, curly wig, evoking Old Gregg's disheveled and mysterious nature.

Look for a shiny, green, metallic or sequined jacket, which mimics the look of scales. This is key to creating the aquatic part of Old Gregg's persona. Accessorize with a tutu skirt, preferably white or a pale color, to represent his merman-like lower body. This combination creates the bizarre and unique look Old Gregg is known for.

Old Gregg's lower half is a mix between human legs and a merman's tail. To create this effect, wear shiny, green leggings or tights under the tutu skirt. The leggings should match the jacket to give a cohesive, scaly appearance. You can also add flippers or aquatic-themed shoes to enhance the merman illusion.

Incorporating Old Gregg's memorable quotes into your cosplay can make your portrayal more authentic and entertaining. Here are some classic lines: "I'm Old Gregg!," "Do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me?," "I got a mangina!," "I'm a scaly man-fish. You don't know me!" and "Easy now, fuzzy little man peach." These quotes capture the strange and humorous essence of Old Gregg, making them perfect for adding an extra touch of authenticity to your costume.

About Old Gregg

Old Gregg is a fictional character played by Noel Fielding in the TV show The Mighty Boosh. Not much is known about Old Gregg, but it is said that he is over 1,200 years old and has a cannibalistic nature. Is he a man or a fish? Or both? He lives below the Black Lake and seems to have been alone for a long time. His lack of human interaction has led to his odd, and sometimes maniacal, behavior.

Old Gregg likes include funk music, Baileys Irish Cream, watercolors, singing and, of course, Howard Moon. His cave has a cocktail bar that is always stocked with Baileys and small disco lights. His attachment to people can be seen as extreme, but after being stuck in a cave alone for years, he’s just happy to see a friendly face. Old Gregg may not look entirely human, but he sure enjoys hanging out with them.

Old Gregg

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