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Best Odlaw Costume Guide

Odlaw is the evil version of Waldo and he is on the hunt to steal Waldo’s magical walking stick! He made his first appearance in The Magnificent Poster Book created in 1990. Odlaw can always be found among the characters Where’s Waldo series doing sneaky and villainous things. He is the complete opposite of Waldo’s honorable and adventurous personality.

Go on the hunt for Waldo in characteristic red and white stripes dressed in Odlaw’s criminal look with a black and yellow striped Odlaw Costume, Plain Color Yellow Socks, Black Pants, Canvas Slip-On Shoes, and Dark Glasses. His well-known look is what gives him away easily in the book series, so make sure to keep an eye out for Odlaw!

Odlaw Cosplay Costumes

We’ve found Odlaw in his hiding place along with his all the pieces you’ll need to recreate his look for your next costume night! Odlaw is a fun character for men and women to dress as because you can tune into your sneaky, mischievous side while dressing as this evil character. Start your creation of Odlaw’s costume with a black and yellow striped shirt that should be easy to find and match with a yellow hat.

When dressing as Odlaw, you will need dark glasses so no one can tell what your next evil move will be! You can find a friend to dress as Waldo and then sneak around the costume party for people to yell out “I’ve found Odlaw and Waldo!” Check out the cosplay photo gallery to see if you can find other Odlaw costume recreations. Send along a picture of your Odlaw costume so we can add it to the other photos!

Odlaw Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the elusive and mischievous world of the “Where’s Waldo” series with our costume guide FAQ for Odlaw, Waldo’s sneaky and lesser-known nemesis. Known for his striking yellow and black striped attire, Odlaw is a character who adds a playful twist to the classic search-and-find adventures. Ideal for fans seeking to embody this cunning character at themed parties, cosplay events, or any gathering celebrating the fun and challenge of “Where’s Waldo,” this guide will provide you with all the essentials to recreate Odlaw’s distinctive look.

Odlaw's outfit is instantly recognizable due to its unique color scheme and pattern. Essential components include a black and yellow horizontally striped long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and a matching black and yellow banded beanie hat. He wears round, thick-framed glasses and carries a walking cane. Odlaw's look is completed with his mischievous smirk and often a thin mustache.

Odlaw is often depicted with short, dark hair and a thin mustache. To achieve this look, use a short, dark wig or style your own hair in a similar manner. The mustache should be thin and neatly trimmed, adding to his sneaky appearance.

Odlaw wears simple black shoes, which are practical and unassuming. Opt for plain black sneakers or casual shoes that are comfortable and blend in with the overall outfit.

Key accessories for an Odlaw costume include his thick-framed round glasses, which are essential for his character. Additionally, carrying a walking cane adds to his distinctive look. The cane should be simple, preferably black or a dark color, to match his outfit.

As a character from a search-and-find book series, Odlaw doesn't have specific quotes, but his actions are characterized by sneakiness and cunning. Here are some ideas for portraying Odlaw: Adopt a sneaky and mischievous demeanor, as if you're up to no good, pretend to stealthily search for something or spy on others, mimic the act of hiding or blending into the background, exaggerate looking through your round glasses, as if closely examining your surroundings and occasionally glance over your shoulder or act paranoid, as if someone is following you. These actions capture Odlaw's essence as Waldo's elusive nemesis, always trying to outsmart Waldo and the readers.

About Odlaw

Odlaw is the wicked version of Waldo from the Where’s Waldo book series. He is the villain of the books who is always on the search to steal Waldo’s walking stick from him because it holds magical powers. Odlaw is the opposite of Waldo so much so that his name is Waldo’s name spelled backward. He is sneaky, corrupt, and just plain unpleasant.

Odlaw comes from the land of Odlaw’s Swamp where other Odlwaws are born and begin their journey into the world just like the parallel setting of the Land of Waldos. This goes to show that Odlaw is an evil replication of Waldo and can even be considered his evil twin in an alternate universe. Watch out for Odlaw in the series—he’s out to get Waldo and is always up to no good!


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