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Ochaco Uraraka is a student at U.A. High School, a school for hero training in the anime series, My Hero Academia. Her primary reason for attending hero school is to earn a lot of money to help support her parents. She quickly became friends with Izuku Midoriya after using her Quirk to save him from tripping. Izuku later returned the favor by rescuing Ochaco when she was in danger during the rampage of a villain-bot in school. Together, they attended All Might’s Hero Basic Training Class, and both ended up getting paired together for the Battle Trial. This encounter is the start of their adventures together.

Ochaco’s hero costume is the perfect mix of cute and sexy. Get the look of the main heroine in My Hero Academia with this Ochaco Uraraka costume guide. This costume includes the Ochaco Uraraka Costume, Full Face Helmet, Cosplay Boots, Cosplay Wig, and Blush Palette.

Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Costumes

Ochaco Uraraka is adorable with her short and slender physique, large rounded eyes, and shoulder-length brown bob. Her fair skin looks as if she’s always blushing. You’ll want to use a Blush Palette to give your cheeks the blush that is common for Ochaco to display. She has a small pink pad, which resembles an animal’s paw, on top of the inner portion of her fingers. She uses this to activate and deactivate her Quirk. Her hero persona wears a black bodysuit outfit. A pale pink design runs down the middle of her torso, and across her chest are two black circles. She has pink patches on her shoulders, a pink choker around her neck, and bands around both arms. Her accessories include a two-piece belt, wide knee-high boots, and a helmet with a tinted visor.

Ochaco Uraraka is no different than the other heroes in training from U.A. High School Class 1-A. Get a group of friends together to cosplay fellow students in Class 1-A like Shoto Todoroki, Tsuyu Asui, Izuku Midoriya, Mina Ashido, or others. Along with Ochaco Uraraka, you’ll be ready to be a hero in training.

Ochaco Uraraka Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of “My Hero Academia” and embody the cheerful and determined spirit of Ochaco Uraraka with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Known for her bubbly personality and gravity-defying abilities, Ochaco’s outfit is a blend of practicality and iconic hero design. This guide is ideal for fans and cosplayers looking to capture the essence of her character, from her hero costume to her everyday school look.

Ochaco Uraraka's hero costume is both functional and symbolic of her powers. The outfit includes a form-fitting bodysuit primarily in a dark pink and black color scheme, with a white collar and a belt. The suit is complemented by knee-high, armored boots, and gauntlets on her arms, both in a matching color palette. Her costume is designed to aid her gravity-altering abilities, reflecting her aspiration to be a great hero.

Ochaco has a short, bobbed, brunette hairstyle, which is quite distinctive. To replicate her look, aim for a wig or style your hair in a similar fashion, with a slightly rounded fringe. For makeup, keep it natural and youthful, with light blush to give a cheerful appearance, just like Ochaco's character.

The appropriate footwear for an Ochaco Uraraka costume is her hero boots, which are knee-high and armored, in colors that match her bodysuit. The boots are both stylish and practical, reflecting her readiness for action. If you can't find an exact match, look for knee-high boots in dark pink or black and modify them accordingly

To enhance the Ochaco Uraraka cosplay, consider adding her hero gauntlets, which are an integral part of her costume. These gauntlets are large, rounded, and help her control her Quirk. They can be made from foam, cardboard, or other lightweight materials and painted to match her outfit.

Adding Ochaco Uraraka's memorable quotes will bring authenticity to your cosplay: "I'm gonna become a hero. I'll make that money... so that my mom and dad can have easier lives!," "I'm not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever... I'm... I'm gonna be... I'm gonna be a hero that beats you!," "Even heroes have to cry sometimes, right?," "If I worry about what everyone else did up until now, I'd never be able to move forward." and "We can't just follow our own desires. We're here to serve the public." These quotes reflect Ochaco's determination, her compassionate nature, and her strong sense of justice, making them perfect for a well-rounded portrayal of her character.

About Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco was born into a low-income family. As a child, she’s always wanted to help her parents, using her Quirk for their business. Her parents urged her to follow her dreams, and she decided to enter hero school. She desired to earn money to provide for her parents. In school, Ochaco developed a reputation for her laidback attitude. She has a warm and bubbly personality and is always ready to help those in need of assistance. When in competitive situations, Ochaco’s bright side gives way to an intimidating attitude that is both focused and determined.

Her Quirk is Zero Gravity, which she uses to manipulate gravity by touching solid objects using the pads on her fingers. She takes away the gravitational pull of her targets, making them weightless. She then pushes her fingers together to activate or deactivate her power. Because of this, Ochaco is very useful in clearing up disaster zones because she can quickly move heavy objects with her Quirk.

Ochaco Uraraka

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