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Nurse Joy Costume Guide
Sleeveless Dress
Nurses Cap
Chansey Plush
Pink Wig
White Apron
White Flat Shoes

Best Nurse Joy Costume Guide

Nurse Joy may seem like a minor character in Pokémon games, but she’s actually one of the most important! A Nurse Joy appears in every single Pokemon game! “Joy” is not a first name, but actually the family name of nurses in the Pokemon series. The characters are the kind nurses who take care of Pokémon and are based on the in-game Pokémon Center Nurses. Get the look of the special character that can restore any Pokémon back to perfect health with this Nurse Joy costume guide.

All of the Nurse Joys have the same look unless they are from a different part of the world. Cosplay Nurse Joy with a Pink Wig, a Sleeveless Dress, a Nurses Cap, and a pair of White Flat Shoes. Nurse Joy also wears a White Apron around her waist. She is constantly trying to heal Pokemon, so add a Chansey Plush to your costume to add the right touch!

Nurse Joy Cosplay Costumes

Of all of the Pokemon characters you could be, how awesome would it be to dress as the one who heals the Pokemon?! Nurse Joy is not just sweet and helpful, but also the cutest person in the Pokemon series! Grab a simple pink dress from your own closet or thrift shop and pair with white flats. You’re sure to find a nurses cap, white apron, and a pink wig all at a costume shop! Bring along a Pokemon plush to pretend you’re restoring the creature back to health.

Get a few of your gal pals and guys friends to dress as Brock, Ash Ketchum, or Misty to show off your magical healing talents! Though cosplaying with a group, you’ll still be the cutest Pokemon character! Now that you have a group cosplay ready, send a few pictures of the entire group to be featured in the Pokemon costume gallery.

About Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy has appeared in every Pokemon game since the beginning of Generation I. Nurse Joys can be found working in every Pokemon Center in every town and in every game. There is always a Nurse Joy waiting to take in your injured Pokemon and heal it back to its full potential. Every one the Pokeballs that your character is carrying, Nurse Joy will place on a platter and heal them as well.

Nurse Joy is always polite and concerned with your Pokemon’s well being. Joy is actually all of the Nurse’s last names, and they are all related! They do have different first names. Brock is the only Pokemon character that can tell the Nurses apart because he has a huge crush on Nurse Joy! Sometimes you’re able to catch Nurse Joys in other places than the Pokemon Centers, but they are still a delight to come across!

Nurse Joy

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