How to Dress Like Numbuh 5

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Cotton Red Hat
Round Hoop Earrings
Women's Blue and White Shirt
Yellow Bagpack
Spandex Shorts
White Chuck Taylor

Best Numbuh 5 Costume Guide

The Cartoon Network show Codename: Kids Next Door wouldn’t be complete without Numbuh 5 and her cool vibes! Abigail “Abby” Lincoln knows how to keep the crew straight and save almost every situation. She is the second-in-command and spy in Sector V. She was the leader until allowing Numbuh 1 to take over. Numbuh 5 sticks out from the rest of the crew because she has the best style out of all of the kids. Get the oldest member’s look with this Numbuh 5 costume guide.

Cosplay Numbuh 5’s look with a Cotton Red Hat, Yellow Backpack, Women’s White and Blue Shirt, Round Hoop Earrings, Spandex Shorts, and a pair of White Chuck Taylors. She isn’t called the cool girl for nothing!

Numbuh 5 Cosplay Costumes

You know you want to be a part of the Codename: Kids Next Door crew! Now you can dress up as Numbuh 5 and be the coolest kid in Sector V! The best part about this costume is that you most likely have every piece item you need in your closet! The most specific item is the blue shirt which can be ordered online to get the specific look. Other than that you shouldn’t have any issues finding what you need for a Numbuh 5 costume!

Since Numbuh 5 is a part of KND, you will want to add as many of the characters to this look as possible. Grab a couple of your friends and get them to dress as Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, or Numbuh 4 to bring the complete crew together! Send us a picture of your costume so we can add it to the Numbuh 5 cosplay gallery!

Numbuh 5 Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the adventurous world of “Codename: Kids Next Door” as Numbuh 5, the cool, calm, and collected spy. Our Numbuh 5 costume guide FAQ is designed to help you embody her unique style and confident attitude, perfect for cosplay events or nostalgic gatherings.

Numbuh 5's signature look is both simple and iconic. It consists of a red cap worn backwards, a white-striped blue shirt, gold hoop earrings, and baggy blue jeans. She also sports white sneakers. Her look is casual and practical, fitting her role as a laid-back yet skilled operative in the KND.

Numbuh 5 is known for her red cap, which she wears backwards. Any plain red baseball cap will work. For her hair, Numbuh 5 has a short, curly style. If you don’t have similar hair, a short, curly black wig can be used. The cap is a defining feature, so make sure it's prominent in your costume.

For the shirt, look for a long-sleeve blue shirt with white horizontal stripes. It should be a bit loose-fitting to match her casual style. Her jeans are classic blue denim and should be baggy, in contrast to the tighter fit often seen in other characters. This relaxed fit is key to Numbuh 5's laid-back appearance.

Apart from her red cap and gold hoop earrings, Numbuh 5's outfit is quite minimalistic. However, carrying a prop like a toy slingshot or a bag of candy (a nod to her love for sweets) can add a fun and character-specific touch to your costume.

Bringing Numbuh 5 to life with her lines or catchphrases can enhance your cosplay experience. Here are some memorable quotes: "Numbuh 5 is gonna take you down.," "You don't wanna mess with the KND.," "Numbuh 5 has seen some things you wouldn't believe.," "Time to show these adults what we're made of." and "Just another day in the Kids Next Door." These quotes capture Numbuh 5's cool demeanor and her role as a seasoned member of the KND, making them ideal for portraying her character in a fun and authentic way.

About Numbuh 5

Numbuh 5 from the Cartoon Network television show Codename: Kids Next Door is also known as Abigail “Abby” Lincoln. She is a spy and the second in command of Sector V. She became the leader of Sector V when Cree betrayed KND but she gave the position to Numbuh 1 instead. Numbuh 5 is the most intelligent in the group, and it shows by her actions and the smart decisions she makes.

Numbuh 5 is not only the most intelligent, but she is calm, laid back, and most definitely the responsible. She takes every mission seriously and does not lack leadership. It’s a good thing the club has her Sector V! Numbuh 5 is always rational using facts and knowledge to figure out the situation they are in. This girl also has some serious passion for candy and ice cream!”

Numbuh 5

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