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Long Straight Hair Wig
Women's Yoga Pants
Crewneck Sweater
Knee High Socks
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Best Numbuh 3 Costume Guide

Don’t let Numbuh 3’s hamster responsibilities on Cartoon Network’s Codename: Kids Next Door lead you to believe that she’s not that important. Kuki Sanban is a super smart 4th-grader that can be quite headstrong. She’s usually seen wearing some slouchy, comfortable clothing. She is the youngest operative on the show and one of two female members along with Numbuh 5. Get the look of the Medical Specialist of Sector V with this Numbuh 3 costume guide.

Cosplay Numbuh 3’s comfortable style with a Long Straight Hair Wig, Crewneck Sweater, Women’s Yoga Pants, Knee High Socks, and Chuck Taylors. If you can find a Rainbow Monkey plush, then that’s even better!

Numbuh 3 Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to dress up as the hamster caretaker and Rainbow Monkey loving Numbuh 3 from the Cartoon Network television show Codename: Kids Next Door! The best part about her look is that she is super laid back. You probably already own most of her clothing pieces! For items like the wig, check out a costume shop. The rest of the items can be easily found online, so there’s really no need to stress to get this look!

Numbuh 3 is part of a very special club in Sector V, so she would want the rest of her crew tagging along! Get some of your friends to dress as Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5 for a complete group cosplay from KNB! Send in your costume of Numbuh 3 after following this cosplay guide!

Numbuh 3 Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the joyful and whimsical spirit of Numbuh 3, the cheerful and imaginative member of “Codename: Kids Next Door.” Our Numbuh 3 costume guide FAQ will assist you in capturing her vibrant and playful appearance, ideal for bringing to life one of the most beloved characters from this animated series.

Numbuh 3, also known as Kuki Sanban, is known for her bright and bubbly attire. Her costume includes a green sleeveless dress with a yellow stripe at the bottom, pink shoes, and a large, distinctive pink flower headband. Her look is defined by its bright colors and simple, childlike charm. Numbuh 3 also has long black hair, often shown as voluminous and slightly wavy.

Numbuh 3's pink flower headband is a standout accessory. You can either find a large pink flower headband online or make one using craft materials. For her hair, if you don’t have long black hair, a long black wig with a slight wave will capture her look. The combination of the headband and her hairstyle is key to achieving Numbuh 3's distinctive appearance.

Look for a simple, knee-length green sleeveless dress. The dress should have a straight or A-line cut, and it’s important to include the yellow stripe at the bottom, which is a signature detail of her outfit. The dress should embody the playful and youthful style of Numbuh 3.

While Numbuh 3's costume is relatively simple, adding a pair of bright pink shoes or flats will complete the look. Additionally, carrying a stuffed animal or a toy rainbow monkey, a reference to her favorite toy in the show, can add a fun and character-specific element to your costume.

Incorporating Numbuh 3's quotes can add an extra layer of authenticity to your cosplay. Here are some of her memorable lines: "Rainbow Monkeys, Rainbow Monkeys, oh so very round and super chunky!," "Yay! This is going to be so much fun!," "Oh, pretty, pretty please, with sugar on top?," "Don't worry, everything's going to be okay!" and "I just love happy endings!" These quotes reflect Numbuh 3's optimistic, cheerful personality and her love for all things cute and colorful, making them perfect for portraying her character in a fun and lively manner.

About Numbuh 3

Numbuh 3 also known as Kuki Sanban, a fourth grader from the KND Code Modules television show. She controls the Diversionary Tactics and is the Medical Specialist of Sector V. She’s also the one who takes care of the hamsters in the treehouse. She is one of the two female characters on the show. She loves animals, especially Rainbow Monkeys. Though charming, she can be a little short with attention span and common sense.

Numbuh 3 is usually calm and kind, but don’t mess with her and her Rainbow Monkeys. If she feels like she needs to defend her animals, she becomes quite irrational red-faced. She can’t control her emotions! She has a crush on Numbuh 4, but being relatively smarter than him doesn’t seem to matter to her at all.

Numbuh 3

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