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The Japanese animated movie, Spirited Away, was released in 2001. The film is about a 10-year-old girl by the name of Chihiro, who explores an abandoned amusement park with her parents. While there, her parents change into pigs, and they’re unable to re-cross the river. Chihiro must take up work at the Bathhouse run by a witch to save her parents. 

No-Face is one of the characters that Chihiro meets during her journey. No-Face is a spirit who begins to follow her around after becoming intrigued by her attitude. He can’t talk but communicates in his unique way. He learns from the people around him and begins to mimic their behaviors. Since being exposed to the Bathhouse, No-Face has become corrupted by the workers. Get the look of the emotion absorber with this No Face costume guide. To dress up like No-Face, you’re going to need a No-Face Costume, Full Bodysuit, Black Boots, Black Face Paint, and No-Face Mask.

No-Face Cosplay Costumes

No-Face is fascinated with Chihiro and instantly attempts to draw closer to her. He slowly begins to mimic the people in the Bathhouse as a way of gaining her affection. However, the workers are extremely rude and greedy, the opposite of Chihiro. His obsession with her only grows stronger as the movie progresses, which leads him to make some unwise decisions. Absorbing the personalities of others at the Bathhouse has led to No-Face making him arrogant, loud and rude to everyone around him, including Chihiro. After he leaves the Bathhouse with her, he begins to calm down and react to Chihiro more normally.

Though Spirit Away has increased in popularity, a No-Face costume will still make a relatively unique cosplay? And with such a unique cosplay, it would be perfect to enter in the annual Halloween Costume Contest! You could even have a friend dress as Chihiro to complement your costume.

No-Face Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the mystical and enchanting world of “Spirited Away” with our costume guide FAQ for No-Face, one of the film’s most iconic and mysterious characters. Known for his simple yet captivating appearance, No-Face embodies the essence of the film’s magical and surreal atmosphere. This guide is designed for fans and cosplayers looking to recreate the enigmatic presence of this beloved character.

No-Face's appearance is marked by its simplicity and enigmatic nature. The key component is a long, flowing black cloak or robe that covers the entire body. The face is represented by a featureless, white, and expressionless mask with small slits for eyes and a simple, small mouth. The character's tall and slender form is accentuated by the cloak, and the mask gives No-Face his haunting and unforgettable presence.

To recreate No-Face's mask, you can use a plain white mask as a base and modify it to match the character's appearance. The mask should have small, narrow eye slits and a small, simple mouth. It can be made from materials like cardboard, paper-mâché, or lightweight plastic, and should be painted white with details added in black or grey for the facial features.

No-Face's cloak should be made from a black fabric that drapes and flows well, to give the character his ghostly and ethereal appearance. Materials like cotton, linen, or a lightweight polyester blend can work well. The cloak should be long enough to reach the ground and have a hood to complete the mysterious look.

To enhance your No-Face cosplay, consider including props that reflect scenes from "Spirited Away" where he interacts with other characters. This could include gold pieces or other items that he offers to the bathhouse workers. These props can add context to the character and make your portrayal more dynamic.

No-Face is known for his silent and observant nature, often communicating through gestures and actions rather than words. To enhance your cosplay, mimic his movements and behavior – slow, deliberate movements and a sense of curiosity and longing. These subtle details can make your portrayal of No-Face more authentic and true to the character's portrayal in "Spirited Away."

About No-Face

No-Face is a lonely and mysterious spirit from the movie Spirited Away, a fantastical story about trying to get back home. He’s somewhat transparent and doesn’t seem to have an actual body. He becomes obsessed with the protagonist, Chihiro, and seeks to get her attention. He believes the best way to do this is by spending time at the Bathhouse where she works and mimick the personalities of the workers. This turns into a mistake as everyone is selfish, arrogant, and greedy. The more time he spends there, the less Chihiro likes him.

No-Face has several unique abilities. He’s capable of mimicry, alchemy, and absorption. He can absorb creatures to become them, transform dirt into gold, and eat nearly anything. Throughout most of the movie, No-Face uses these skills to become closer to Chihiro. But, by the end of the movie, he finds a new home with Zeniba, a kind witch who allows him to become an apprentice.


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