How to Dress Like Niko (Despicable Me 3)

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Blue Striped Shirt
Blue Shorts
Brown Backpack
Green Rain Boots
Black French Beret
Red Neckerchief
Pig Plush

Best Niko Costume Guide

Niko is a fictional character who appears briefly in the hilarious movie Despicable Me 3 and is voiced by Adrian Ciscato. Niko is a young boy who lives in Freedonia, the home of Felonius Gru’s twin brother Dru Gru. Little is known about this mysterious young romantic, except that he appears to take great delight in cheese. Niko develops a crush on Felonius Gru’s adopted daughter Margo after she samples some of his cheese at the Cheese Festival.

Taking his crush very seriously, young Niko believes he and Margo are engaged, which leads to a fiery confrontation between his mother and Lucy, who is Gru’s love interest and developing mother figure for Margo. If you want to become Despicable Me 3’s funny little cheese lover, you’ll need to get yourself a Blue Striped Shirt, Blue Shorts, Green Rain Boots, Red Neckerchief, Black French Beret, Brown Backpack and a Pig Plush.

Niko Cosplay Costumes

Niko only appeared as a secondary character in Despicable Me 3, but he certainly did make an impact. This romantic and somewhat delusional young guy is great fun for a costume party with his very stereotypical French style of clothing. Dressed as Niko, you can have all the girls running for the hills!

If you have an event to attend and want to pay tribute to the great Despicable Me series of movies, there are so many other costumes you could find for your friends to join you in. Check out these other great ideas here on Costume Wall: Gru, Margo Gru, Lucy Wilde, Dru Gru, Edith Gru, Agnes Gru and of course nobody could forget the lovable Minions. We would love to see photos of you and your friends rocking these cool Despicable Me themed costumes, so don’t forget to upload our photos here to the site!

About Niko

Niko is a fictional character who appears in Despicable Me, albeit only briefly. He is introduced at the Cheese Festival in Freedonia, the land where Gru and his family travel to meet Gru’s estranged twin brother Dru Gru. Margo, Gru’s adopted daughter, is attending the Cheese Festival with Lucy Wilde – a colleague and love interest of Gru’s when Margo is encouraged to take a piece of Niko’s cheese when it is offered. Unfortunately, Niko reads this as a declaration of ever-lasting love and develops a crush on young Margo.

Later, he appears at the door proclaiming that he and Margo are now engaged, and he offers his pet pig as a declaration of their engagement. Lucy had answered the door, and refused the little man’s claims, and sent him on his way. Not to be defeated, Niko returns with his mother who angrily curses both Lucy and Margo for refusing her son. Lucy responds angrily, frightening Niko and his mother away, which is one of the first signs of her becoming a genuine mother figure to Margo.


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