How to Dress Like Nigel Archibald Thornberry

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Large Latex Nose
Orange Mustache
Buck Teeth
Safari Vest
Short Sleeved Safari Shirt
Khaki Tube Socks
Brown Boots
Kahki Cargo Shorts

Best Nigel Thornberry Costume Guide

There’s almost no character as recognizable as Sir Nigel from the unforgettable animated show The Wild Thornberrys. Nigel happens to be the host of the documentary “Nigel Thornberry’s Wild World” and his risky attitude and bright red mustache captures viewers’ attention. While you may not have a British accent like Nigel, we do recommend you say his signature catchphrase “Smashing” while cosplaying him, to really get into character. Get the look of the nature show host with this Nigel Archibald Thornberry costume guide.

Cosplay Sir Nigel Thornberry with a large latex nose, orange/red mustache, fake buck teeth, safari vest, short-sleeves safari shirt, khaki tube socks, brown boots, and khaki cargo shorts to finish up the look of this television eccentric character.

Nigel Thornberry Cosplay Costumes

The look of Sir Nigel from the show The Wild Thornberrys is really unique. If you choose to go as him this Halloween, you’ll be sure to garner a few stares for your absolutely outrageous costume! While you’ll have the fake reddish mustache down, you still have to take care of your hair to match the orange color. To do so, you can either find a wig that’s similar to Nigel’s hair color or you can cut and dye your own hair. Finding safari-like clothing may be a little difficult, but with a bit of searching you can uncover all the necessary items to brave the wilderness.

Grab a few friends that can dress like Eliza Thornberry or Donnie Thornberry to go along with you. You should don your best fake British accent if you don’t already have one and get ready for an outdoor adventure! We’d love to see photos of your Sir Nigel costume so we can display them on Costume Wall for others to see.

Nigel Thornberry Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a wild and whimsical adventure with our costume guide FAQ for Nigel Archibald Thornberry from “The Wild Thornberrys.” As the eccentric and enthusiastic father and nature show host, Nigel’s costume is both iconic and fun, capturing the spirit of exploration and wildlife enthusiasm. This guide will help you recreate Nigel’s memorable look, complete with his signature clothing and unmistakable features.

Nigel Thornberry's costume is recognizable for its explorer theme. Key elements include a light khaki shirt, often with rolled-up sleeves, dark khaki shorts, and a brown belt. He is also known for his large, bushy mustache and round, wire-frame glasses. To complete the look, add a pair of tall khaki socks and sturdy brown hiking boots. Nigel's attire perfectly reflects his role as a wildlife documentarian and adventurer.

igel's most defining feature is his large, bushy mustache. If you can't grow one naturally, use a fake mustache available at costume stores, ideally in a reddish-brown color to match his hair. Nigel's hair is a bit wild and unkempt, so a messy, slightly spiky hairstyle or a wig in a similar style would work well. Don't forget his round, wire-frame glasses, which are essential to his character's appearance.

Essential accessories for a Nigel Thornberry costume include his camera, as he's often seen documenting wildlife. A toy or prop camera slung around the neck adds authenticity to the costume. Additionally, consider carrying binoculars or a prop microphone to emphasize his role as a nature show host.

Yes, you can create a DIY version of Nigel's outfit. Find a light khaki shirt and dark khaki shorts, which are commonly available at clothing stores. Roll up the sleeves of the shirt for Nigel's distinctive style. Add a brown belt, tall khaki socks, and brown hiking boots to complete the explorer look. These items are easily sourced and can be put together to create a convincing Nigel Thornberry outfit.

Incorporating quotes from Nigel Thornberry can bring your costume to life and showcase his enthusiastic and quirky personality. Some memorable lines include: "Smashing!," "This is Nigel Thornberry, facing the wild.," "Absolutely fascinating!," "Hello, I'm Nigel Thornberry." and "The natural world is a smashing place!" These quotes capture Nigel's love for wildlife, his catchphrase "smashing," and his role as an enthusiastic nature show host, making them great for adding character to your portrayal at events or parties.

About Nigel Thornberry

Sir Nigel has had a very productive life so far and even though important opportunities are thrown his way often, he chooses to forgo them for an exciting life out in the wild. Besides just being the host of his own nature show, Nigel works alongside his wife, Marianne Thornberry. Nigel is also an experienced pilot and was even knighted by the Queen of England which granted him the title of Sir.

As you can expect from living in the wilderness, danger is around nearly every corner. Nigel goes out of his way to risk his life protecting his family on countless occasions. While Nigel does love his life out I’m the wilderness, he did at one time consider taking a professorship at Oxford to allow his children to live normal lives and give Eliza the chance to make some human friends for a change.

Nigel Thornberry

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