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Best Nico Goldstein Costume Guide

Nico Goldstein is a supporting character in the Devil May Cry video game franchise. She’s well known for her craftsmanship on cybernetic prosthetics and her knowledge of the demon world. Nico takes great pride in her work and loves seeing them in action. She often likes to modify the cybernetic prosthetic arm she made for Nero because it could always do for a bit of an upgrade.

Nico is rough on the outside, but soft on the inside. She’s a tomboy and has a loose tongue that sometimes gets the better of her, but she’s loyal to those she loves. If you treat her right, Nico will treat you right. She respects those who work in her field because she understands the skill that’s involved. Craft weapons good enough to kill demons like Nico Goldstein with a Goldstein Costume, Eye Glasses, Cowboy Boots, Fake Cigarettes, and Fake Tattoos. 

Nico Goldstein Cosplay Costumes

Nico Goldstein is not your usual gal. She doesn’t mind getting dirty, and she’s always ready to pick up her tools to help out a friend. She’s a fun character to cosplay if you want to be a character other than the usual Devil May Cry fighters. You’d be surprised how much of Nico’s costume you may already have in your closet. If you’re missing any items, you should be able to get the rest at a thrift store.

For her top, you can use a white tank top and crop it a bit, so it peeks out from under a yellow vest. For the rest, you will need denim shorts, cowboy boots, and a bunch of tools. You could also get creative with temporary tattoos and add some of your personality into her look! To make Nico’s outfit complete, you’re going to need some business. Maybe you should check with friends to dress as Dante and Nero to see if they need any upgrades. There’s always room for more tinkering!

Nico Goldstein Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the action-packed and supernatural world of “Devil May Cry” with our costume guide FAQ for Nico Goldstein, the inventive and charismatic weapons artist and mechanic. Known for her unique style and sharp wit, Nico’s attire reflects her practicality and flair for the dramatic. This guide will assist you in capturing the essence of Nico’s distinctive look, perfect for embodying this fan-favorite character from the series.

Nico's outfit is a blend of edgy and functional, reflecting her role as a crafty mechanic and weapons specialist. She wears a white tank top under a green, cropped, rolled-up sleeve jacket with numerous pockets and a gold-colored "Devil May Cry" emblem on the back. Her look includes brown utility pants, a tool belt, and black boots. Nico's style is accessorized with a pair of aviator sunglasses, a choker necklace, and fingerless gloves.

Nico sports a distinctive hairstyle with her short, wavy, ash blonde hair and a side-swept fringe. A similar wig can help you achieve this look if your hair isn't similar. Nico also has a noticeable tattoo on her right arm, which you can replicate with temporary tattoo paper or body paint.

Nico wears sturdy black boots that are practical for her mechanic work. These boots have a rugged design, suitable for her hands-on and action-packed lifestyle.

Essential accessories for a Nico cosplay include her aviator sunglasses, which are a key part of her cool and confident persona. The tool belt with various mechanic tools and her fingerless gloves also add to the authenticity of her character as a weapons specialist.

Nico is known for her bold personality and witty one-liners. Some memorable quotes include: "Guess there's no point thinking about it." and "Built all the Devil Breakers myself. None of them are mass-produced, handcrafted originals. I got a reputation to maintain!" Emulating Nico's confident stance, her casual yet assertive body language, and her enthusiastic approach to her craft can bring your costume to life. She's a character that combines technical expertise with a tough, spirited attitude, making her an exciting character to portray.

About Nico Goldstein

Nico Goldstein is the girl you go to for all weaponry and cybernetic prosthetics needs in the gaming world of Devil May Cry. After her parents died, she was taken in by her adoptive father, Rock Goldstein. He encouraged her to pick up engineering tools because he saw how interested she was in the craft. She soon became skilled enough to open a shop of her own and began working on cybernetic prosthetics. 

Nico is a skilled engineer and gunsmith and eventually became a self-taught alchemist too. She enjoys challenging herself and testing her tools and equipment. She has a lot of respect for those who are in a similar trade. Nico is naturally curious and loves to learn. She works with Nero the Devil May Cry team in the game to eventually bring down the demons. 

Nico Goldstein

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