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Nick Wilde Costume Guide
Nick Wilde Shirt and Tie Combo
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Best Nick Wilde Halloween Costume Guide

A fox and con artist from the world of Zootopia, Wilde is one of the main characters in the Disney film Zootopia. He is outsmarted by a young, optimistic bunny cop Judy Hopps, and was brought in to help her solve a case. Nick Wilde has a very distinct look as he’s an anthropomorphic fox dressed as a human, with bright orange fur contrasting against a green shirt Dress as this smart-talking fox with a Nick Wilde costume guide.

Here are some items you need to put this outfit together. The most important part of this costume is the Nick Wilde mask, along with a set of fox ears and a fox tail. You’ll also need a green button up shirt paired with a dark striped indigo tie as well as orange arm sleeves. Put on a pair of Khaki Chino Pants and Fox Paw slippers are a must to complete the Nick Wilde look.

Nick Wilde Cosplay Costumes

Putting this costume together could be a difficult task, but if you score the fox-like accessories it shouldn’t be too hard to make this a memorable costume. Nick Wilde, from the 2016 Disney movie Zootopia, is a distinct character and his look would definitely be a great pick for you this Halloween! The most important part of this costume is the fox portion—fox mask, foxtail, and fox paw slippers. You should be able to grab similar items in a local costume shop.

The clothes are the easy part! You could even ask family or friends for comparable clothing, to make the look even easier. A great couples costume idea is to have your girlfriend go as Officer Judy Hopps, and be the cutest couple at the party. Please send pictures of your cosplay to be featured on the Zootopia costume gallery for others to see your awesome new look!

About Nick Wilde

As a child, Nick wanted more than anything to join the local Ranger Scouts, and his mother eventually scrapped enough money together to buy Nick a brand new uniform. Unbeknownst to him, Nick walked into a trap and was beaten and ridiculed by others for being a fox. They muzzled him and because of this he developed a fear of muzzles and made a personal promise to never expose himself to others. He became cold and unreachable to friends and family.

Because of this experience, Nick Wilde began to view the world as untrustworthy and vile. He embraced this sad outlook and became a con artist. He splits his earnings with his partner and fellow fox friend Finnick. Though on the outside, Nick appears uncaring and even cruel, he also has a softer side towards those he feels have been unjustly victimized. He grows to love Judy Hopps and this begins to change his views on Zootopia and those who live there.

Nick Wilde

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